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Web Design Best Practices For Professional Services

Aug 29, 2008
If you are planning to run a business, you should consider designing a website. A website is really helpful as an advertising and marketing instrument. Think of it as an extra staff member that handles sales, administration, marketing and accounting. It provides answer to specific questions about the business 24 hours a day and also provides customer service any time of the day even if your business is close. Furthermore, website is considered to be the gateway to the expansion of any business.

Solution Website design should be regarded as a serious method of planning, modeling, executing and conceptualizing electronic media content through internet and in the form of markup languages being displayed by the graphical user interfaces or simply by a web browser. Designing a website should be done to generate a facility that can provide end users with the content in the form of several web pages. This facility or website should provide information, interaction and a way to do business with the website owner.

The very first thing to consider in creating a website is to plan functionality and information needed. Some things to consider are the audience, purpose, content as well as the course of action.

The primary action to take for web design is defining the audience. Who is the audience? The audience is actually the expected group of people who will visit your website. As a matter of fact, sometimes, these people are the target market and sometimes they are surfers. Their reasons in visiting your website are very important to be able to define your goal or business purpose. Knowing your audience will be the key to an effective and useful website.

In web design, it is really important to define the very purpose of the website. It is usually based on the vision and mission of the business website as well as to the benefits that will be gained by the audience. Specifying the purpose includes defining both the long term and short term goals for the website, which can then lead to expansion, improvement and modification of the business. This will help in deciding on what functions your website must have such as e-commerce, CRM, CMS, or flash.

Another thing to consider in designing a website is the content of the site. It is in this stage that the purpose of the website should be clearly identified. Gathering data to be included in the content as well as organizing that information is a must to be able to provide the needs of the audience. After organizing and categorizing the information, it is important to name it with a descriptive and concise title to be a website link.

Documentation is important in web designing as it will plan visually the website in line with the audience, purpose and content. It will identify key elements such as the layout reviews, suggested changes and other enhancements. It is also advisable to diagram the website. In fact, there are three ways in diagramming namely: Branch Design Website Diagrams, Hierarchical structures and Linear Website Diagrams.

Success of professional services online marketing starts with an effective web design of the website. Thus, the aforementioned things to consider must be put into action to be able to achieve the business' fruits of success.
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