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Use Article Marketing and E-Mail Campaigns to Drive Your Business

Aug 29, 2008
In today's business landscape, it pays to know the various marketing tools available to you for promoting your business. While this is true for any kind of business, it's especially true for affiliate marketing or any kind of Internet business. The web provides marketing opportunities quite different from traditional marketing methods. Two of these are article marketing and e-mail campaigns. While different animals, they can work together to drive your affiliate business.

With article writing and article distribution via an article distribution service, you get your content out to niche publishers in an efficient manner. This means you get your website and blog links out in an efficient manner as well. For a reasonable fee, a good article promotion campaign gives widespread distribution to select markets of your choosing.

The same goes with an e-mail campaign. An e-mail campaign allows you to perform targeted marketing as well. You have a subscriber list that you send your e-mail content to; from those who have opted-in to a newsletter or other information you offered. This e-mail list consists of subscribers pre-disposed to your affiliate product in the first place. If they weren't, they would not have signed up to receive information from you. You can now formulate an e-mail campaign that gives them more information about your products and services.

Article marketing and e-mail campaigns allow you to concentrate your efforts on specific niche markets for your affiliate offerings. This is the primary advantage of both of these marketing methods.

Article marketing and e-mail campaigns both allow you to disseminate useful information to your niche markets. Both marketing tools allow you to establish credibility with your niche audience. Both allow you to pre-sell your niches before checking out your website or blog for further product information. E-mail campaigns don't have to be a blatant sales pitch. Use them to build trust with your readers. Use e-mails to further establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Article marketing and e-mail campaigns both work towards this same end. This purpose is to offer timely, relevant, useful information that makes readers of your content want to do business through or with you.

The disadvantage of e-mail campaigns is the time required to build a list. You'll need an attractive landing page that entices readers to sign-up for your newsletter or information pack. too. This does not happen overnight. First, you must build traffic to your landing page. Second, you must have a newsletter ready to send to subscribers.

This all entails time and effort on your part. With article marketing, you perform your article writing and article submission activities and you are done. Let the article distribution service you select handle it from there. Get widespread distribution with a good article distribution service with very little effort on your part. With an e-mail campaign, you have to work to build your own unique subscriber list.

Article readers voluntarily access your content. They make a conscious decision to look for it. With an e-mail campaign, you send your content to someone who is not necessarily looking for the content sent. As well, there's that aversion to unwanted, unsolicited e-mails that many have. You must consider that when mounting an e-mail campaign.

Article marketing and e-mail campaigns can work together, though. Send e-mails to subscribers and invite them to check out your article content. They may want more information on a topic related to your affiliate products. Send links in e-mails to your articles address.

Conversely, use your articles to help build your e-mail subscriber list. This way when you are ready for an e-mail campaign, your list of contacts is ready to go. Use links in your articles to your opt-in page.

Use article marketing and e-mail campaigns together to drive traffic to your business. Take the time to write useful content for each. Use articles to drive people to your site to opt-in. Use your subscriber list to send readers to your articles. It's a marketing knife that cuts both ways.
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