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Does Your Article Distribution Service Offer You Widespread Distribution?

Aug 29, 2008
When it comes to running your Internet business you work hard to drive traffic to your websites. It's very important to get your links out there so traffic ends up on your site. When you engage in article marketing as a way to promote your business, ensure you get the widespread link distribution you need. A quality article distribution service offers you that distribution. That's why it's important to check out what the different services offer.

Three article distribution services you can check out are iSnare, SubmitYourArticle and Article Marketer. They all offer services that save time and energy in making submissions to niche publishers and article directories. That alone makes these services worthwhile, as it is tedious to submit all the articles by hand. That's because you have to submit them one at a time to all the different publishers out there. Allowing an article distribution service to handle the process allows you to get back to article writing and other affiliate marketing activities.

iSnare is capable of submitting articles to many publishers who are subscribed members of the article announcement and distribution groups that they have on their private list. You can see a portion of the list of many of the publishers they deal with on their site.

However, the list is just a running list of URL's and they do not have it categorized in any organized way. Depending on your article topic and article category, you could potentially have your article distributed to a thousand publishers. Hundreds may be more realistic if your topic does not have a mass-market audience. iSnare submits articles to a range of niche publishers as well as article directories. They offer a variety of diverse publishers to those who choose their service.

SubmitYourArticle also has many publishers to submit your article writing to on a regular basis. They allow you to submit one article version to go out to all directories. They also allow you to alter articles so a different version goes out to different directories or niche publishers. This cuts down on duplication of content, but it also requires more work to alter the articles than a blanket submission of one version does. They offer a broad group of publishers who accept article submissions.

Article Marketer allows you to submit articles to the widest range of publishers available. They have a list of categories and sub-categories that allows just the right fit for your articles. Their niche publisher list is categorized in an organized manner, which makes it easy to choose what publisher is suitable for your particular article.

You don't have to submit only to a general category. Choose a specific sub-category within a category. For example if you choose to submit an accounting article you can go to the Accounting category and there you will find sub-categories titled Auditing, Bookkeeping, Budgeting, and Receivables. This way you can target your article to a specific niche market. Article Marketer also has the most extensive distribution list of available publishers in the industry.

Make sure, when you embark on that article promotion campaign, that you choose an article distribution service that offers you a broad range of publishers. Get your links and articles out there. Perform highly targeted article campaigns. The best way to do that is to sign up with a service that gives you the broadest range of distribution possible with a full suite of unique niche publishers at your disposal.
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