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It Never Hurts to Compare When it Comes To Article Distribution Services

Aug 29, 2008
You're done. You've just spent a lot of time writing and now you want to get those articles out into cyberspace. You want to make sure you get a reasonable return for your time and energy investment. That return is in traffic back to your website. You'll only get that traffic if you choose an article distribution service that offers you widespread distribution of your article writing efforts.

What do you look for in an article distribution service? Look for one that deals with a broad list of niche publishers. An article distribution service that charges you a fee to distribute your articles to a small list of niche publishers and article directories is not an article distribution service you want to use. You are better off submitting your articles one at a time on your own to a few dozen publishers instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

However, it's a different story when it comes to submitting to hundreds and even thousands of content publishers. It's time consuming to submit articles one at a time to a long list of publishers. You want to devote your time to other affiliate marketing activities. A good article distribution service is an efficient way to run your article promotion campaign.

Let's take a quick look at three article distribution services out there for their range of distribution. We'll look at iSnare, SubmitYourArticle, and Article Marketer. These three companies offer different services and different price packages when it comes to article marketing. It's wise to check out all that an article distribution service has to offer, from custom-writing and quality assurance, to whether they cap how many articles you can submit in a period and the like. Definitely make sure they have a substantial publisher list.

iSnare is capable of submitting your articles to several thousand publishers. They have publishers who are subscribed members to their private list. Depending on your article's topic and category, you could see your content reach hundreds or thousands of publishers. iSnare sends your articles to niche publishers and article directories and maintains a substantial list.

SubmitYourArticle also offers a broad spectrum of publishers who are hungry for quality content. When you submit an article to their service, they are able to get it distributed to thousands of publishers as well. You can do a blanket submission of one version of your article to a wide range of directories. You can also choose to use a system they have for altering your article slightly so that a different version of it goes to each article directory. It is more time consuming to submit your articles this way however. Again, they have a long list of publishers that are accessible for submitting article content to regularly.

Article Marketer offers the most extensive distribution list. They are also capable of getting quality content out to myriad niche publishers and directories. In addition, they provide an extensive category and sub-category list for their subscribers. This allows you to perform highly targeted article marketing. Having many sub-categories to choose from means you can really pinpoint a niche and tailor your message to that specific niche.

You're investing a lot of time, energy and money into your affiliate marketing efforts. When it comes to article marketing, make sure those investments pay off. Choose a quality article-distribution service that gets your articles out to as many quality niche publishers and directories as is possible. You need that traffic to your website where your affiliate banners or affiliate products reside. A good article distribution service, with an extensive list of publishers, aids your overall article marketing efforts.
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