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A Guide To Marketing Your Website Online

Aug 29, 2008
As most of us that own websites know, back links and raw traffic are one of the most important things, especially if we are selling something. In order to receive traffic to your website you must market it! So, how do people market their websites? Is there a process you should be following? Well, by no means do I have the golden key. But I have found certain steps will help you succeed if you are willing to take them and be a little patient. Nothing happens over night, that is for sure. It could happen in less than 2 weeks or it might take 2 months, but the point you have to remember is this "if you build it, they will come."

Seriously, if you advertise a site even just a little bit, eventually someone will see the ad where you advertised, it will pique their interest and they will visit, even if it's just ONE person, it's still a person, still a potential sale! There are not only certain steps you should be taking, but there are also certain "ways" to advertise your site. Your advertisement could be reaching millions of people, in fact you might have an ad out right now, and your wondering why it's been out for 4 months but you're not receiving a lot of traffic. Well, one reason for this might be the way you wrote your ad. The other reason might be because of where the ad is!

Here are some of the steps you should be taking to market your website:

Write blogs - If you have a website like wordpress or drupal, write blogs about your business, service, company whatever. And, make sure you don't just write a few lines. Make sure the content is rich in keywords, also make sure you add "tags" to your blog. All these aspects can help search engines and in turn people, pick up on your site. There's a line we have; Content Is King! This couldn't be more true when it comes to marketing your site people! Make it interesting. Be yourself. Be honest. Be sure to add good keywords. If the service your promoting is about automobiles, then write a blog and add words like "Honda", "BMW", "Cars", "Trucks", etc. Here's a little tip for you, even though it seems obvious most people don't do this. Go to your search engine and type in "Honda" you will see that it gets 218,000,000 results. So? So, that's a popular keyword. Just to be a smart Alec, look up supercalifragilisticexpealidous and you will get about 60 results. That word isn't very popular now is it! Use the popular keywords, but make sense when writing.

Back links - This is one of the easiest ways to receive, traffic, better PR, sales, etc. Not only is it easy, but you can get someone else to do it for you! Not only can you get someone to do it for you but its pretty quick as well! I did one or two articles for my site The Lemon Plum and in 2 weeks time it went from PR0 to PR3 (now it's down to 2). The article doesn't even need to be relevant to your link your promoting, which is the really nice part (I think), because you can just write about whatever you have knowledge about, slip your link in the author box and voila you have people interested. You can do this yourself, but with my personal experience this is a REAL time consuming process and in turn a pain. If you get someone else to do it for you, you can buy the article, have them submit it, and then that's it. You don't have to worry about anything else, except for all the traffic you will be receiving!

Search Engine Optimization - Also known as SEO. I'm really surprised how many people own sites and don't even know what SEO is! This is a prime example of people thinking they can just set something up and they will reap all sorts of benefits from it. A website takes a lot of time and care. It's not really one of those "set it and forget it" deals. SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results for targeted keywords. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) or the higher it "ranks", the more searchers will visit that site. There are several ways you can optimize your site such as making sure you have your meta keywords and keywords set correctly, make your title keyword rich, make sure all your coding and content is complete, accurate and concise, etc. There are several guides online you can follow as well as certain e-books online that will allow you to follow steps to make sure your site is search engine optimized!

Search Engines - Submit your website or your program with a small description to search engines, directories, groups, etc. Make sure you pick the right categories!

Email and Forum signatures - I think one of the very first things you will learn is to be involved. You're going to want to join some top quality forums and social networking sites. These sites can be relevant to your site, or not. It's your choice. Place a simple signature at the end of all your email and forum signatures so every single time someone visits your profile, reads a post of yours or reads an email of yours, they will see your little ad shpeel along with your URL. Believe it or not, this catches a lot of people's attention!

Social Networking - This is always a popular choice because it's free. You can place ads in the classified section, send messages, comments, bulletins, place links on your profile or make an account specifically for your website, service or business. Join quality social sites like MeBudie, Moli, Myspace, Xanga, Facebook, etc. Tip; if you're going to do this through myspace make sure you only add quality "friends." I did a little experiment a few months ago. I made two accounts on myspace. For account A I added everyone and anyone that asked for a friend request. For account B I was picky and really looked at people's profiles and what they were on myspace for, before adding them. Surprisingly enough I got more potential customers on account B than A. For account A it seems like I had a lot more people that were just interested in friend count, and didn't really care what I had to say, who I was or what I was selling!

Of course this is just a few ways that you can try, and these are all online sort of steps. If you want you can do offline tactics as well. Some people have even more luck with offline promotion than offline. Others have better online than off. I think what you need to do is recognize where your service, website, product will sell. I personally like online more, simply because it seems like an easier, quicker and cheaper way to reach the masses. There are all these dozens of ways to reach people and it's really rare that you join a car forum, and then join a social networking site like myspace and you happen to run into the same person you met on the forum. There is just a huge number of people out there online waiting to be talked to, waiting for someone to listen to them, offering a service, willing to fix your problems, wanting you to fix theirs, etc. Give the above tips a try and see if they help you out at all, which I'm almost positive they will since they worked for me! Good luck.
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