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Use Your eBook and Its Resell Rights as Free Bonuses

Aug 29, 2008
You can use your eBook for much more than just a stand-alone product. One of the possibilities is using it as a free bonus to accompany one of your products or services. When your selling an affiliate product you could use your eBook as a bonus to the package.

In the world of marketing, we know that giving away bonuses with your products can act as a major incentive for people to buy it. Many people will load on the bonuses, making some people purchase that product for the bonuses attached to it.

Your job, by creating an eBook is now you're creating a valuable bonus that you can include in all kinds of different packages. I constantly want you to think about how you can build that package, how you can add value to that package. By developing an eBook, it is one step in that direction because it enables you to create a valuable resource that you can then add to a package, and you can have it establish value on it.

When I am putting together packages, the value comes from the price point that each of the products or services would be if sold separate from themselves.

I'll give you a quick explanation why I do this. A lot of times I will go to someone's website, see their offer for their product, which is paired up with all these bonuses. The problem is when they just place a value, like $297, for the bonus.

Often times I take a step back and think, "Well, if that bonus was by itself, I would never pay $297." It is something you should really take a second to think about. Ask yourself, how much would you pay for the bonus if you were just selling it by itself? The price you come up with that way is the true value of that bonus, not the one you just make up and put up on the website. You won't establish value by doing that.

Make sure that the price you put for that particular bonus is what the market would actually pay for it and not just what you would hope they would. This is very important because when people come to your website they will calculate how much they would pay for it, so then your package looses tremendous value in their eyes if your prices are off.

When you create an eBook you can still include it with your other products and services as a valuable bonus.

Including the resell rights to your eBook as a bonus will take it one step further and more valuable to your costumers.

I'll use my own business as another example, only because I know my business so well. Creativity is what I talk a lot on, so I would be interested in possibly purchasing the reprint or resell rights of someone else's products on creativity.

I want you to think about that for a second. Why would I be interested in that? Because it saves me a lot of time. He or she may have created great content that is valuable that is on the topic that I talk about. Why reinvent the wheel? Why not partner up and create a relationship that both of us win?

He or she was able to leverage their material, I'm able to get material so that I don't have to reinvent the wheel, and the same principle applies to you and your business.

When you create an eBook, there are going to be other businesses or services that would be interested in the exact same content for their particular email list or their particular customers.

That provides you, now, a platform to be able to offer the reprint rights or the resell rights as a bonus to those people who would be interested in providing that eBook to their customers or selling that eBook to their customers.

By doing this your value of your bonus has just continued to increase.

By following these steps you can greatly increase the value of a bonus to your own product or even an affiliate promotion.

By exploring your creativity ideas will come to you when you need them the most!
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