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Thousands Are Getting Rich on the Internet

Aug 29, 2008
Thousands are getting rich on the internet..........So you can!

SFI is a division of Carson Services, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska USA. Founded in 1985, Carson Services has a long and successful track record in the publishing and network-marketing industries.

We are a longtime member of the Better Business Bureau serving Southern Nebraska, as well as members of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

SFI was launched in 1998. Today, with tens of thousands of affiliates in over 200 countries, it is believed to be the largest affiliate network in the world.

SFI's unprecedented success has been largely attributed to the unique makeup of its affiliate program--a hybrid combination of the best parts of traditional direct sales and network marketing, combined with the technological advantages of the Internet. Highly automated, SFI's expansive core computer system processes thousands of requests a day, around the clock, from around the world.

SFI is revolutionizing the way companies market their products and services. With its enormous base of independent affiliates, SFI has the power to reach tens of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. SFI affiliates can also aggressively target niche markets with high market penetration.

If you are the prime source of a product or service that could benefit from SFI's "marketing muscle," you may submit an overview of your product/service at http://www.carsonsi.com/sfimg/proposal.html.

Carson Services, Inc. and SFI's founder is Gery Carson. Gery's success as a entrepreneur has been told in Money Makers Monthly, Upline, Opportunity World Magazine, and in several books and videos. He has authored several best-selling marketing tools and has been featured as an expert guest on live call-in radio shows. Gery was selected to the 1992 Outstanding Young Men of America list and 1997's Who's Who in the Media and Communications.

There's nothing more powerful than people working together towards a common goal. It's called synergy and it creates amazing results! You see, it doesn't matter how intelligent, rich, energetic, or dynamic you are--we are all limited to the same 24 hours a day. By working as a TEAM, however, you can overcome this limitation. SFI's Team Network makes it possible to have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people all working indirectly on your behalf on their time ' and receive a cut of everything they do.

Building a network also builds security into your business. Why? In most traditional businesses, what happens if you become ill or disabled and are unable to service your customers? Or perhaps you just want to take a vacation? Whatever the case, you could lose most, if not all, of your income overnight because it relies on your being there. That's not owning your own life, and that's certainly not financial freedom.

With SFI, however, you can create total financial freedom for yourself. With your own team of independent business people, you no longer have all your eggs in one basket. On the contrary, because each person on your team has a vested interest in continuing and building their own businesses, you create an income that is non-dependent upon you - an income that can continue, even grow, indefinitely, with or WITHOUT you.

What Others Are Saying

"SFI has provided me with the tools I need to reach my financial goals. They have been very supportive whenever I needed help. This company is full of successful opportunities, and I am proud to be an affiliate. "

Steven B. Bennett

"SFI is is an EXELLENT opportunity! The best thing is that you're NOT alone! People at SFI WANT to help us succeed!"

Richard Cox

"I have been seriously marketing Internet opportunities for a few months now. In that time, I have researched dozens of companies. SFI is simply the most powerful and productive!"
R. Louch

"No other company is comparable to SFI. It's easy to implement and is affordable. They have the resources and products necessary to build a very profitable home-based business."
L. Hathorn

"I've involved myself with several online businesses, and SFI is by far the best of all. I don't think anyone could go wrong with the superior training and support that SFI freely offers to their affiliates. And the products are great too."
R. Riney

"SFI ROCKS!! I just started and got a look at the SFI Website and was amazed. SFI, you rule!!!"
K. Allyn

"Gery Carson [SFI founder] is the best in his field that I've ever seen. Don't give it a second thought about signing-up for SFI. The program does ALL that it promises and more."
A. Hinkley

"I've been in network marketing for a very long time and thought I had seen it all. SFI is the most incredible and absolutely best system I have ever seen to become financially free while helping other people do the same"
M. Drummer
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