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An Introduction for Blogging to Help Your Business

Aug 29, 2008
A Blog is simply a web site created to regularly add or what is commonly called in the IT world, post your thoughts, reviews, adventures, photos or videos that you would like to share with others. You can just share what you have been doing in your life or at work. It can be much like a journal, but one that your brother or sister does not have to hide under the bed to read! It can be open to anyone on the internet or as on some websites, exclusively accessible by your friends or whoever you chosse to disclose the password too. The content is completely at your discretion and your entries may be as long or as short as you desire.

There are more blogs on the internet than can be counted. Technorati, an internet search engine designed expressly for tracking blogs, claimed to be tracking more than 30 million blogs back in 2006 and blogging has gained in popularity and momentum since then. There is now the new video blogs ("vlogs") taking websites like YouTube by storm, as well as Artlogs, Photoblogs, Sketchblogs, and linklogs. You can even submit a blog from a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or palm pilot, which is called a moblog.

As a sort of social phenomenon, researchers have actually been analyzing the dynamics involved with blog popularity, as well as their social properties and implications. Time Magazine's controversial choice to name "YOU" as the Person of the Year, due to the amount of people using the internet to aid in the advancement of the information age, represents just how significant this trend in personal expression and free speech has become. Quite simply, if one person in the world knows something and posts it on the internet, in theory, everyone can access it and learn from it if they want to, which can have an extraordinary impact on the collective knowledge of the human race! There are many who praise the internet for this capability, and some others (various governments or corporations) who would like to regulate it and control access to information and education.

It is possible to use your blog not only for the spread of information, but also for profit or acclaim. Many bloggers offer advertisement space to other businesses and websites or even use that space to advertise their own businesses. Some bloggers have even become similar to local celebrities in their chosen genre, for their experience, expertise, and insight. A select few have come to be recognized and employed by mainstream media or even progressed to publishing books based on the topics they had addressed in their blogs.

With possibly close to 100 million blogs operating on the internet today, you may be wondering how you can compete with them and attract regular, repeat readers to your own. It is possible! With just a bit of research, a few important tips, and maybe a little patience and determination, you too can create a blog that will satisfy your personal and/or business goals. What you need to do if you have a blog, is regularly add content and good quality content, not just rubbish. If you continue with good quality content, you will get a following and with persistence you will be rewarded. Happy blogging!
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