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3 Key Reasons Why Your Articles Fail To Pull In Massive Traffic

Aug 29, 2008
How many times have you spent an hour or two writing an article only to find you never receive any traffic from it! Article marketing can be sole destroying for sure.

Here are three key reasons why your articles fail to pull traffic to your sites, and the specifics you should be doing to ensure your future articles do get the traffic you deserve.

1. Poor Title

Your article title is the single biggest determinant of how many times your article will actually be read. And one thing you can be sure of, is that if it isn't being read, you won't be receiving any click-throughs to your sites!

So how do you write a great title? Firstly, let's look at it like this. A great title is one that gets an article read by a lot of people. So before you write an article or try and come up with a killer title of your own, do some research! Visit the biggest article directories and take a look at some of the articles written for your niche. Take a look at how many page views they've each received. Write down the ones that have received hundreds or thousands of views.

Once you have a list of tried and tested killer titles, write your own titles in a very similar way! It's obvious really, but not many people do it this way!

And of course it goes without saying that if none of the articles have many page views, then simply don't bother wasting your time!

As well as actual title research, do some keyword research as well. You may be able to find some keywords that will give your article a chance of ranking for some phrases with reasonable search traffic. If you do, make sure your keyword phrase appears at the front of your title.

2. Poor Distribution

Don't waste your time submitting individual articles to individual directories because you won't get big results. I use paid distribution services every time. These paid services will submit your article to hundreds or thousands of directories and ezines. One site even allows you to submit variants to an article, so that hundreds or different versions are actually submitted from just one article.

Another thing to consider is your article length. Try and aim between 400 and 800 words to give your article a chance of being picked up by an Ezine publisher. Getting published in an ezine will definitely boost the number of eyeballs that see your content!

3. Poor Resource Box

So far we've concentrated on how to get your article read. Now for the other critical aspect of article marketing, the process of converting the page view in to a click through to your site.

The resource box is also commonly known as the author bio box. What you should actually think of it as is your "sales pitch". Your readers aren't interested in reading about you. They want to know what's in it for them if they click on your link. So get straight to the point in your resource box, tell your reader what they want to know. Tell them exactly what benefits they will receive if they click on your link, or preferably links, always include two, one with anchor text and one plain url. It's as simple as that.
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