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Telephone Conference Calls Available On Your Personal Phone

Aug 29, 2008
Telephone conference calling is utilized on a very large scale every single day in businesses all around the globe. But did you know that they have also gotten quite popular for personal use from home?

At work, you have most likely used teleconferences for attending meetings with clients or colleagues at other company locations of your company. These types of audio meetings are usually a somewhat regular occurrence for many retail store managers.

Generally speaking, a retail store is subset of a very large chain and each store is usually part of a certain region or district that includes a number of other stores. It simply would not be very convenient for all the region store managers to gather every week at one location, and it certainly would not be very cost effective. The solution to this is for the district or regional manager to schedule weekly meetings via conference call with all of the store managers who can listen in and provide their input as needed.

Personal telephone conference calls are somewhat different because at home you can only participate with two other parties at once, but this type of call is still known as a conference call.
At home teleconference calling is a feature that you can select when you set up your telephone service. This feature is generally referred to as three-way calling, but there are a few phone services that offer actual conference features where you can talk with even more than three people at one time.

As you may guess, this feature for personal phone have become very popular among teenage girls who have a strong desire to talk on the phone with all of their friends at one time. Without this telephone conference calling feature, the teenage girl using call waiting on a home phone will most likely go back and forth between two friends and perhaps even using the call waiting on her cell phone on the other ear. No doubt that this could become very costly when you pay for those cell phone minutes.

Telephone conference calling has also become a very popular feature those who work at home or for people who telecommute. With the rising price of gasoline, there are more and more people who are telecommuting or working from home these days. These folks need a way to have meetings with their home offices or talk to clients via conference calling. This is one of the main reasons why more and more phone service providers are offering true conference calling to personal accounts as an option these days.
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