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Safety Tips for Forklift Operators

Aug 29, 2008
Forklifts are a very useful piece of heavy machinery, but if they are not used correctly they can become very dangerous. If you have one at your home or place of business you need to be sure that you understand all of the safety standards and practices associated with them. Taking precautions with forklifts will pay off, as you will have a better chance of keeping those who are using or around them as safe as is possible.

Some Important Safety Facts About Forklifts

If you have forklifts that are used in your business you should be aware that most states and jurisdictions require that all people who are using the forklifts be trained on how to use them safely and effectively. Training should be a three prong approach consisting of classroom type training, hands on training, and then an evaluation of the skills that have been learned. Only at this point should an employee be allowed to use them without supervision.

It's important that you keep a record of who has been trained to use forklifts. This will help you should any problems ever arise as you will be able to provide proof that you as the employer did all that you could to keep those in the work environment safe. Keeping records of training will also allow you to be sure that the people who work for you are as well trained as possible for the most effective work environment.

Each employer can create their own training with forklifts, if they would like, or they can use a state or county training program. Many employers have more stringent rules that they apply to the use of their forklifts, in which case they may want to take on their own training. If you have a very specific way in which they need to be used or cared for, you may want to create your own program or some supplemental training in addition to the trainings that have already been received by your employees.

It is important to remember that children should never be allowed to play on or near forklifts. Forklifts have been responsible for a lot of accidental injuries and even deaths and children are the common victims. Children will try to drive the machines or they will not be seen by the operator and the results can be devastating. If there are children in or around a workplace or home where they are, the children should be educated about them and their dangers. In addition, children should always have direct supervision when around forklifts or any other heavy machinery.
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