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Supplies For School - Save and Keep Your Children Happy

Aug 29, 2008
This is that time of year -- you know, the time for buying supplies for school, getting new clothes and reorganizing everything to fit with your children's busy schedules. Most parents do not look forward to the rush of buying school supplies and wandering through endless racks of clothing to find the clothes that fit both their children's tastes and sizes. What they look forward to is having a little time to breathe when their children get off to school on their first day, prepared with the necessary school supplies and looking great in their new school clothes.

Saving on Supplies for School - The Essentials

If you have a complete list of supplies for school needed by each child, do not deviate from the list. Yes, children will always want the coolest things, like gel pens, colored pencils, an iPod... But they do not need these things. Stick to your list and if your children are insistent, suggest nicely that they save their allowance and buy these things themselves.

If you have the ability to pass things down from one child to the next, do it. But make it a point to let the older child know that the new backpacks and trendy lunch boxes are going to their younger siblings because they are the one getting new clothing. As the youngest child, I know what it is to have to wear hand-me-downs from my big sister. The only thing that saved the day was the prospect of getting something new that she would not have. These things are important to children and to you if peace is on your priority list for school supplies.

Of course each child needs at least one new outfit for school. The horror of going to school on the first day wearing old clothes would be traumatic for most kids. As a mom, it is your duty to make sure each child wears new clothes for the first day of school. To kids, school supplies are less important. Seek out discount clothing at outlets and sales. Smaller children will be happy with a nice outfit from a consignment shop. Just make sure the clothes are stylish and don't tell them where you got them and everything will be fine. Shoes are also non-negotiable. You can find great sales on shoes this time of year and most of the offer bargains on multiple pairs.

The best way to get great deals on supplies for school is to go to the least expensive places. One of these places just might be your own house. Look around. Do you have extra folders, notebooks, pens, pencils or paper lying around? Gather everything you can that is on your children's list of supplies for school before you head out to go shopping. Look in dollar stores for the smaller items. Obviously you won't find the big binders there, but you may find one subject notebooks and are sure to find pencils, pens, rulers and paperclips. If you've never checked the dollar store for school supplies, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do. Hit the best sales by checking the buyer's guide as soon as you get it. When you see a sale on school supplies, try to get there bright and early on the first day. If you wait, you will likely miss out on the best bargains and end up staring at empty shelves where the 20 cent notebooks used to be. The best way to avoid the problem is to purchase school supply items throughout the year. Buy in bulk when it saves you money. If you have a little extra one day at the grocery store and you notice a sale on pencils that can't be beat, buy them up. Who cares if it is June? This fall, you will be that much ahead of the game.

Saving on school supplies can be easy if you use your imagination and prepare ahead of time. Don't wait until the last minute if you really want the best bargains on supplies for school.
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