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Using Auctions And Classifieds To Drive Traffic To A Website

Aug 29, 2008
After a website is designed, developed, and launched, the main concern has got to be to drive traffic to it. Without traffic, there is very little reason for a website to even be online. It doesn't matter if a website is used for commercial purposes or purely as a hobby or for entertainment, because the goal of almost every website is to get people to come and visit it. This is especially true for a website that exists as a way to make money. Whether a website is designed to sell a product or service, or if its purpose is to provide information and make money through having its ads clicked, either of these goals can only be met if there is traffic going to the site.

A great way for a website to get traffic from sources that are not always used is by using eBay, other auction sites, or classified ads. One of the most popular websites on the entire internet is eBay. EBay advertises in nearly every developed country around the world, it just makes sense for a website owner to use the auction company's advertising dollar to their advantage. The same is true for many of the more popular online classified sites including CraigsList.org.

The important part in using this method is to make sure that the terms of service of the auction or classified site is not being violated. Violation of the terms of service could mean that the auction post or classified ad is removed and it could also mean that a user can get suspended or banned from the auction or classified site.

The way to use auctions and classified ads to drive traffic to a website is actually somewhat obvious. The mechanics of this strategy is to place a link, or links, within the auction or classified ad where a customer can click on it to get more information on either that item or a topic related to that item. The strategy itself is to list an item for sale that relates to the topic of the website. For example, if a website owner was looking to drive traffic to a website about health insurance, they shouldn't place the link to it on an auction ad that is selling a used book or DVD. The only way to make this method pay off is to have the auction item and the site that traffic is being sent to be somewhat related to each other.

Many of the most popular classified advertising sites and auction sites spend millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours advertising and promoting their sites. Linking to a website that is related to an item that is up for sale is a great way for a website owner to leverage the online presence of these huge online entities and capitalize on it themselves.
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