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Back to School Supply Stores: Find Local and Shipping Deals Online

Aug 29, 2008
School Supply Stores can be found in your local web pages. Most stores now have an online site that announces sales and inventory as well as pricing. You can use local search sites to find educational supplies near you. This will let you know well ahead of time where the best deals are and which school supply stores have the educational supplies you need.

School Supply Stores - The Best Local Searches for Educational Supplies

Look at Yahoo Local Search, Google Maps, Windows Live and http://ShopLocal.com for locations and specific product searches. All of these sell space for local business listings. More and more stores are taking advantage of the great deals they can get for advertising and this leads to more convenience for customers. The more we use these engines, the more businesses will recognize the advantages of advertising online.

Google Maps gives locations and descriptions of stores by keywords. It is a user-friendly application with ease of navigation and the ability to go from a map to the website of your closest school supply store.

Yahoo Local Search works in much the same way as Google Maps. It is fairly new and as yet is not as utilized by businesses as other search engines. Still, there are resources to be found. Typing in various keywords having to do with school supplies is likely to bring up some if not several area stores.

Windows Live is a growing application and may be used not only for finding school supply stores but can be used with some GPS technology to download store directions directly to your vehicle. If your GPS has this capability, you are already ahead. Other than that, Windows Live is much like the Yahoo and Google when it comes to local searches for educational supplies.

ShopLocal.com is considered to be the top local search engine. By typing in your location and educational supplies you need, such as "3 ring binders", you can find school supply stores that offer what you need right down to the price, description and store rating. It is a wonderful way to comparison shop.

The online yellow pages are another way of finding school supply stores near you. Depending on your area, you may have to look through several phone books to find all the information you can find at http://yellowpages.com with a few clicks and a few minutes of time. Just put in your zip code and your keywords such as "school supplies" or "educational supplies" and the yellow pages find the listed school supply stores near you.

Because of geo-targeted advertising, you may be able to find local deals simply by using the search engines. Many local stores including school supply stores, purchase ads on Google to advertise their business. Be sure to type in your city name along with which type of products you are looking for. Large chain stores are easily found online and if you have these in your area, just go to their website to look for sales and prices.

If you are not tied up in buying educational supplies from local school supply stores, you can find great deals on backpacks and other items by ordering them from stores that will ship them to you. The advantage to this is you won't have to leave your house to find great deals on educational supplies. Online school supply stores will have everything delivered right to your door.

This fall when everyone else is scrambling, crawling through traffic and battling their way through aisles of educational supplies just to find one or two specific types of items, you can be prepared with maps to local stores that carry the specifics you need or relax with the knowledge that online school supply stores have shipped your orders and all you have to do is wait.

Whether you buy from local school supply stores or have your items shipped, you can get the most from your time and money by shopping online for educational supplies.
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