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Web Marketing - 4 Things You Can Do On Your Site To Increase Your Traffic

Aug 29, 2008
Making your site attract traffic is one of the best ways you can use to drive traffic to your site. Of course there are plenty of things you can do off site, but why not start with these 4 on page techniques to drive traffic?

Keyword Research

If you choose good keywords to base your posts on you will find you attract very targeted traffic. You can make a large list of keywords related to your site and then choose keywords each time you are ready to post to write about.

Customize Your Blog

This won't necessarily drive traffic to your site, but once you get them there it will help keep them there. A blog that is unique to you and your content is going to make people immediately believe your content is unique and worth reading.

Even if all you do is pick a theme other than the default theme you are on your way. You can take is as far as changing the header image, to having an entirely unique theme created just for your site.

Answer Reader's Questions

Once you start getting traffic you will start getting questions. They will show up in comments, as well as your email box.

When you answer questions from your readers it makes them feel good, and when they feel good about you they feel good about your site. They will then tell their friends about your answer, and your site.

A trusted referral is probably the best traffic you can get. They will already be open to knowing, liking and trusting you, which makes buying from you even easier.

Create a Link List aka Linkbait

If you are blogging about your topic you probably know plenty about it, if not you can easily do a little research and find the information. What you want to do is create a list, the longer the better related to your blog topic. Start leaving comments on blogs, use this post in your signature on forums, just get people to your link list.

Linkbait is called this because it baits people into linking to your site to share this huge list with others. You can get untold amounts of links, quality links, back to your site by using this method.

If you start working on driving traffic from on page efforts the off page efforts will be even easier. If you customize your blog, do your keyword research, and answer questions you will gain favor of your readers. Create a linkbait post and you will find that good will and your quality content turns into quality links.
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