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5 Steps to Opening a Barber Shop

Aug 29, 2008
Opening your first barbershop can require a lot more detail that you know about. I've researched the process and put together a list of steps that can help you with opening a barbershop

1. Before going ahead with this I'd first seek out a Score.org Office. Score recruits retired businessmen and women to guide today's entrepreneurs in the right direction. They will help you find out the rules and regulations, specific steps for your case, plan out business plans etc.

2. Before you go too much further you're going to need to know some basics for opening your first barbershop.

=> What is the name of your business?

=> Basic plan that maps out equipment fees, services offered, charges for services offered, rental fees (for your future barbers), stocking fees (how much will it take you to stock your shelves with products?) etc.

=> How many barbers will you hire?

Having a basic plan on estimated costs will help to ensure this is the move you're sure you want to take.

3. Next you need to find out the official requirements for opening a barbershop. For example, you're going to need:

=> A Barbershop permit
=> Employee Identification Number
=> Sales permits
=> Along with any other specific licenses required by your state.

TO find out the specifics on getting all of these type in what you're looking for along with your city/state into Google. For example, If I was opening up a barbershop in Idaho and I wanted to get a license I'd type in: "barbershop license Idaho"

4. Search for a shop location. Be sure you understand your states rules and regulations for running a barbershop. For example, here's just a few requirements for the location of a barbershop in Texas:

=> Barbershops must be supplied with an adequate supply of hot and cold water under pressure.

=> At least one sink for every three-barber chairs must be provided.

=> Public barbershops must be adequately lighted and ventilated as defined in Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1601.

=> Barbershops must have no entrances from the facility opening directly into sleeping quarters or places where food is prepared or sold.

Be sure you've read those state laws before signing a lease on the place.

5. Once you've collected the permits/licenses to open your doors, and found a location, these are just some of the materials every barbershop should have:

=> Receptionist desk

=> Floor mats by door

=> Hair washing sink/chair set up (at least one, but remember to check on the regulations for how many sinks you should have related to how many barber spots you'll have available in your shop.

=> Stylist chair - that can be raised or lowered

=> Child booster seat

=> Work stations (including storage for cutting supplies, mirror, counter for countertop storage)

=> Hand held hair dryers (one per station)

=> Disinfectant chemicals and containers (one per station)

=> Waiting area with seats (possibly magazines too)

=> Storage cabinets in back of shop (or front depending on size) to store towels, shampoo, and other supplies (like trash bags, cleaners etc)

=> Garbage cans for waste products and cans for "to be cleaned" towels

As you can see there's a lot of planning and preparation before opening a barbershop. This should be a good reference for getting started. For information on how to get customers to your business go to: BarberhopControlPanel
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As you can see there's a lot of planning and preparation before opening a barbershop. This should be a good reference for getting started. Click the link for information on how to get customers to your business after opening a barbershop
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