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Should I Pursue Nursing Career Training From an Accredited Nursing Online School?

Aug 29, 2008
The advent of the Internet has had a profound influence on our way of life. In the last two decades, it has grown from a fledgling new media to a worldwide information highway. It now affects the way we buy, the way we live and the way we learn. The personal computer and laptop computer are now our gateways to virtually everything we want to know. Moreover, the Internet now permits us to pursue the education required for a new or better career from home and at somewhat less cost than the traditional campus education.

The healthcare industry is growing by leaps and bounds and nursing is an important segment of that industry. In fact, nursing offers unusually-good job security, an excellent salary and benefits package and more, because there is a significant nationwide shortage of nurses. This makes nursing a great career choice.

A nursing online registered school provides a widely-accepted education

Nursing is a career with an outstanding upward mobility path due to the fact that you can train for higher positions as your career progresses while you are employed through continuing course education nursing online. You can gain your initial certification as an LPN (licensed practical nurse) or LVN (licensed vocational nurse), start in that position, progress to a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and then on to a master of science degree in nursing (MSN) at home, at your own pace through a college degree nursing online school. You save the time and expense of commuting to and from a campus institution and never have to leave your present job while you train for a more advanced position as a registered nurse (RN). Perhaps the best news of all is that hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and doctors consider your online training just as valuable as traditional training.

What it takes to be a good nurse

There are certain personal and personality factors that are required to be an effective nurse at any career level. These include:

-You should be a good listener, be unbiased and care about others
-You must be able to handle suffering, traumatic situations and death without becoming overly stressed
-You need to be detail oriented
-You should have stamina, endurance and good mental & physical health
-You should keep a well-groomed, professional appearance
-You should be willing to accept ethical and legal responsibility for your actions
-You must respect all people regardless of their race, age and social status, sexual orientation and religious beliefs
-You must be willing to work night shifts, days, evenings, weekends, holidays
-You must be able to remain cool in a crisis and never panic
-At higher levels, you will need leadership skills and be a take charge person
-You should enjoy a fast-paced work environment
-You must respect confidentiality and protect others privacy

If the above characteristics describe you, chances are excellent that you will find nursing a highly-rewarding career.
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