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Web 2.0 Viral Marketing

Aug 29, 2008
People in all walks of life are now so fond of the increasing popularity of facebook, friendster and Myspace. But have you ever wonder how these sites became so huge and popular? Well, it is simply because is called viral marketing.

Viral advertising or more commonly known as viral marketing is an effective marketing technique that provides brand awareness and creates the ability to have sales and achieve marketing aims. Most marketers use viral marketing to produce viral messages as well as to identify high Social Networking Potential (SNP) individuals that will be able to pass along some important marketing messages. As a matter of fact, Web 2.0 viral marketing is now present in all walks of cyber-life. Whether it is an email chain letter that spreads from Inbox to Inbox or a profile on a social network site with thousands of friends, viral marketing drives the online marketplace. You can see this with the success of political figure Barack Obama. He was able to raise millions of dollars and supporters by utilizing a viral marketing campaign.

Web 2.0 is undeniably the most talk-about topic in this period of time. If this is the first time that you have encountered such term, you would actually presume that it is another technology, though it isn't really a technology at all. Web 2.0 is actually just a name which refers to the ever increasing growth of tools which are Internet-based as well as the ways to use those tools. It includes AJAX, blogs, RSS, and tags. Web 2.0 deals with people who actively contribute, customize technology and media for their own intended reasons.

AJAX is a short term for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is actually a technology which refers to a group of Web page coding. This permits Internet user to lock in inputs to a web page even without reloading the said page. AJAX is used for interactive and effective applications on the Web. Google Maps is one of the most useful applications of AJAX.

One of the most popular technologies of Web 2.0 is the blogging. Blogging is a good way of telling stories about your experiences, about your doubts, or about anything under the sun. In short, it is just a journal that is online. Postings of blogs include audio, images, links, photos, simple text and videos. The said postings are archived and documented either by author, category or even date. Web site owners and other bloggers can directly link to particular posts through permanent links. This is a powerful tool to relay real time messages and get your point of view across instantly.

Really Simple Syndication or RSS works in a way like delivering the latest news or headlines directly to your desktop without having a hard time opening some websites or web browsers. On the other hand, tagging is the best way to find and organize URLs, projects, ideas or even photos. It is actually a good marketing method to provide catchy posts and have many visitors see it through aggregators and websites. Think of radio syndication when thinking of RSS. You have to only say it once in one location. But the world hears it where they are.

Web 2.0 is indeed a breakthrough as well as the beginning of a new era in the world of cyberspace.
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