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Aug 29, 2008
CPA, short for "cost per action" or "cost per acquisition" provides affiliate marketers another great way to make money on the internet. CPA affiliate programs pay a commission for each sale or other specified action you manage to effect. Unlike most affiliate marketing models, an affiliate need not necessarily bring in a sale in order to be paid a commission with a CPA program.

CPA ads are only paid for by the advertiser when a specific action occurs. This action can be someone making a purchase, visiting a certain page or many other possibilities. The advertiser decides what this action is. Google has built this into its Google AdSense program which has been huge with marketers of all stripes since it first hit the web in 2000.

Marketers have a saying: "I know that I am wasting half of my marketing budget, the problem is that I'm not sure which half that is!" How much does it cost to get a visitor to a website to perform an action? Traditional advertising methods make it hard to guess what this figure is. With CPA, you can stop guessing. Business owners, especially business owners whose businesses only exist in the virtual realm love CPA since they can know exactly how much each sale and each action costs them, helping them to effectively use their marketing budgets. You can express CPA in monetary terms, say your business got sales after 120 clicks. Your CPA would be 10 for these 12 sales.

For businesses selling a product or service costing $50 or more, CPA can be the very best way to go.

For affiliate marketers, CPA offers another great way to make some money online. You only have to sign up with a CPA network, such as Google AdWords to get CPA ads going on your site. You can then feature ads on your site, the type, size and number is up to you! Every time someone clicks on one of your CPA ads, you will receive a commission! You won't get a king's ransom per click, to be sure, but if your site gets a lot of visitors, these pennies can really add up quickly.

In order to maximize your CPA earnings, you need a lot of traffic. You can do this by frequently adding great content to your site which will attract readers and give you an ever expanding audience. Use links to your site in your signature when you post on forums and social networking sites and be sure to use SEO techniques when creating content for your site. This will keep your audience; and your CPA revenues growing.
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