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Three Great Free Ways To Generate A Flood Of Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Aug 30, 2008
As you might already know, the main key to having a successful online business is to have loads of targeted traffic. A lot of marketers, especially people who are new to marketing their products or offers on the Internet, often get confused when it comes to generating traffic. They simply struggle. But generating considerable amounts of traffic is actually not as hard as many marketers make it out to be. You simply have to know where to go, what to do and how to do it.

The best way to really benefit from traffic generation, is by no doubt to create multiple streams of traffic, all pointing towards your website. All to often, marketers solely focus on one or two main streams of traffic, and when these few traffic streams for whatever reason suddenly become less effective, their website is left in the dark spaces of the Internet, with few or no visitors.

To generate as much traffic to your website as possible, you need to take advantage of a lot of different traffic generation methods that all send targeted traffic to your website. This will increase your sales, simply because a larger amount of potential buyers is going to be exposed to your sales page.

I am now going to discuss three highly effective methods that you can utilize to effectively increase your traffic generation.

The first method is article marketing. This is a surprisingly simple, yet very efficient and proven traffic generating technique. All you actually need to do, is to write simple, informative and useful articles about whatever topic you choose, and then submit your article to different article directories. The main key within this method, is that when you submit your article, you are allowed to add a small resource box beneath your article. In this box you can add the link to your website. That is all, you are now generating floods of targeted traffic to your site.

If you wish to maximize your traffic through article marketing, the key is that you produce and submit several different articles on a continous basis, because this will create a higher number of links from different article directory sites, all leading to your particular website. If you do not like to write, or for whatever reason do not want to write your articles yourself, you have the possibility to outsource this task. There are lots of low cost services that offer professional written articles on your behalf.

The second method is forum marketing. This is the process of making posts and comments on online forums. As a forum member, you are allowed to add your website link in your forum signature tag, so each time you make a post, your link becomes visible to all the other forum members. A huge benefit here is that you can choose a forum that are already focusing on the specific topic that your website contains, so there is a really good chance that other forum members will click on your website link. This traffic is highly targeted, because your website visitors are most likely genuinely interested in your offer.

A really important aspect when it comes to forum marketing, is that you provide quality content in your posts and comments, and do not just start advertising your website. This will immediately be considered as spamming, and your forum account will be closed. Just reply honestly to existing posts and create new informative and helpful threads. Your forum signature will, as I explained earlier take care of generating traffic to your website.

The third and last traffic generating method that I will discuss, is blog marketing. Popular blogs generally generate massive amounts of traffic. What you can do, is to post comments on high traffic blogs within your topic or niche. Blogs allow you to add your website link when you make a comment, and the blog readers, who are already interested in your particular topic, are going to provide you with a lot of very targeted traffic. Again, it is important that you do not spam, just make good and helpful comments, and your website traffic is guaranteed.

These three traffic generating methods are easy, effective and completely free. They make it possible for you to tap into huge amounts of targeted traffic, simply because they constitute the main arenas for your target market, so you are making yourself and your website a big favour if you follow these methods, because it will get your message and link in front of the exact right crowd of potential customers.
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