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Why Be Your Own Boss

Aug 30, 2008
There are many reasons to becoming your own boss, to start a business. There are also many benefits to being your own boss. Even though you may hear about many benefits, this doesn't explain why you should be your own boss. In this article, you will discover why your why is important.

We have all heard it - why be your own boss? It gives more free time, a nest egg, etc. But, all these benefits can only benefit us in figuring out why you want to be your own boss.

You see, your needs and wants are going to create your why. And the why may seem simple, however, is a big factor in your long term success. A business is not easy on any counts; whether that business be a home business or a business in a retail complex.

There are hard times in business. We hear about all the failures, but we also hear about the successes. What was the difference that drove some to success? The answer is the why!

When you first start a business, you will find that it is not easy. It requires both a lot of time, and energy. You will need to be focused, and at some times will feel like you want to leave the business alone. It can seem like it is too much.

However, those who succeed have that why. They know why they are working to create whatever it is they want. If you started a charity, and the goal was to make a certain positive change, then your focus would be there, until completion.

This applies with your why, in your own business. Whether you are thinking of starting a home based business or simply starting a business in a retail store, in a industrial location or office space, your why matters.

So, what do you want? What do you really want out of the business you are thinking of starting? If you can think about this point, and find your answer, it will help you keep focused.

For most successful entrepreneurs, starting a business may have had an element of desire for money; however, many will have another bigger motivation for success. And this is what makes the success.

Your why, is not just a personal issue, it can be a business issue. As in the example of the charity, you may want your product to help as many people as possible. Bill Gates did this, and his why at one point was - to have a computer on every desktop. And as we can see, he strove hard, and got the result!
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