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Success with Global Resorts Network vs. EDC Gold

Aug 30, 2008
Approximately 9 months ago I joined GRN (Global Resorts Network). Before I got a chance to get started I came across EDC Gold. I was convinced to join them as a diamond member. I was told they had the best products, the best training, the best everything.

I set myself up and decided it would work for me to just start both companies. I would be able to give my prospects an option to see which company would fit them the best. I noticed that all my prospects were joining GRN instead of EDC. I thought to myself why was this? I did some homework and to my surprise the answer I came to was that the product that I was promoting was nothing more then an group of outdated software and ebooks that were available on the web for free.

When people look for an online business they just look at the company as a way to make money. They don't look at the product as an income source. In other words: If you join EDC Gold or EDC Diamond and you decide it's not for you and decide to leave and stop paying the monthly admin fees, you can't get to the back office to get to all the software and e-books you paid for.

The advantage of Global Resorts (GRN) is that you will get a business that you can make great money with, but you will also have your lifetime membership that is 100% paid for. So weather or not you continue the business aspect you will have complete access to your lifetime membership to use and save thousands of dollars of of travel.

A great asspect of Global Resorts is that you can approch it from two angles. You can sell either the business or the membership or both. You see after you use your memebership for at most two vacations, the savings your received will have paid for your membership fee in it's entirety. Global Resorts Network (GRN) is marketable to the masses, not just the people looking to start an internet business.

Ok, look at it this way. With EDC, EDC Gold, or EDC Diamond you will be marketing to business builders. But with Global Resorts Network you are able to market to business builders and anyone out there that likes to or desires to travel. The diffrence in the market size is huge!

Well, we just touched slightly on the diffrence in the target market size between EDC and GRN, but I completely failed to point out an obvious, but often over looked plethora of prospects. The timeshare market is huge. People pay upwards of $10,000 to $20,000 for a week a year at a timeshare resort. This does not include the yearly maintenence fees either. Now GRN on the other hand, one will pay $3000 for there lifetime membership. That's it $3000, never any dues or fees to pay. And the cost of a seven night stay will cost you about the same as the yearly fees for the timeshare and you'll get to choose where you stay. GRN's current registry holds over 5000 resorts from 55 countries.

So here it is, I've left EDC to focus on GRN (Global Resorts Network) and my reasons are this: The product with GRN is something that has real value, the product is something that is marketable to the masses and the compensation plan is phenomenal. For me it was quite simple: nothing out there compares to the opportunity you get with GRN. For more information about GRN (Global Resorts Network) or to join my team visit: www.4globalsuccess.com

I look forward to hearing form you, Dean Grzelak
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