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Speeding Is Actually Desirable On The Internet Highway

Aug 17, 2007
In this day and age of convenience stores, fast food and high tech people no longer have the patience to wait for anything. We have microwaves to cook food in minutes when it used to take hours for the same results. We drive faster, travel farther, and go to the extreme on everything. Now we need all of that from our internet connection too. When the internet first began it was accessed through a phone line. This seemed to be revolutionary technology. And now the same access is like going on a long trip with Grandma driving on four flat tires.

Our Internet surfing needs have increased along with the need for speed. We have to check our email and favorite web pages before going to work or school and we don't have much time to do it. The best and fastest way to achieve the necessary speed, so we can continue our lives, is with a cable or satellite connection.

Most homes are now fitted with either cable or satellite so getting the computer hooked up is no problem. It usually just takes a junction of some type and a cable stuck in the back of the computer then off you go into the wild blue yonder of cyber space. There are other reasons to go with the high speed connection, besides the time savings issue. There are also movie and television shows that can be downloaded and watched on your monitor. Many web pages are now interactive and you can do many different things, like play games or take quizzes, they are much more fun and interesting when they can go as fast as the player.

There are also the home based workers. A high speed connection is the only way to go if you work from your computer at home. When time is money there is no other comparison. It isn't just the fast downloads that can be performed but also the uploading of completed work that can be done quickly. This is also true with sharing photos and video clips. Who has the time to try to open an entire photo album when a single picture can take five minutes to download?

Some businesses are based on how fast they can perform certain operations. For example, when it comes to buying and selling stock, you have to be able to not only make quick decisions but you have to be able to get the stock you want when the price is right. Many day traders work from home on their computers and have several of them running at the same time to stay on top of the market and receive up to the date notices of how their stock is doing. When trading with hundreds or thousands of dollars, you don't want to wait for your computer to catch up.
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