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Search Engine Optimization For Ordinary Folks

Aug 30, 2008
Everyone that wants instant web site traffic simply heads over to a search engine, and registers to get pay per click (paid) advertising, so when people search, their website gets listed. It can add up to quite a bit of money when you use ppc traffic.

If you do some search engine optimization, you can get the search engines to like your pages more, and then they will list them in the organic results (the results people see when they search).

You may have heard of this page rank thing. It is a google score between 0 and 10, and the higher the number, the better your page is. No one really knows how page rank is scored, not even Larry Page (one of the key guys at Google). I can show you some simple things you can do to get better search engine rankings, and a better page rank.

Interested? Lets get into the simple seo stuff you can do to get higher rankings, better page rank, and all that stuff.

1. Have other sites link to your pages using keywords.

Having a lot of other sites pointing to your site is a surefire way to get the attention from the search engines. If those links use words that people search for, you have a shot at getting on the results pages of the search engines.

One way to do this is with article marketing (see my other articles). You simply write a short informative article, include an author box with a hyperlink back to your website, using a keyword you know people search for. Then you submit this article to many article directories.

2. Make sure your keyword is in the title tag.

Putting your keyword in your title makes it show up in the very top left of your browser window, and tells the search engines what your page is all about.

3. Put your keyword in your headline.

The headline is the big text on your web page. It is the "h1" tag, if you look at the code for your page. Your page should have only one big headline, and your keyword should be in it.

4. Put related keywords on your page.

This means your page should be meaningful, and contain related words to whatever you are discussing.

5. Remove the programming jargon from your main html file.

Get the programming mumbo jumbo out of your html files, and put it in another file. Things like javascript and "css" mess up the search engine spiders that come and index your pages, so put that stuff on other files, and include it in one small line of code. That way, there is no chance of messing up the bots when the come to visit.

6. Use fully qualified links to internal pages.

If you have other pages you want to list in the search engines, include that "http colon slash slash" stuff with your links. This tells google and the other engines that this other page is worth listing on their search engine results.

7. Keep your website fresh.

By keeping things new on your website, it means you have active dynamic content, which the search engines love. So keep things maintained and updated, and your rankings in the "serps" will rise steadily.

Put these tips into action, and watch how it improves your results, but in your listings in the search engines, and in the extra web site traffic it creates. Seo is easy, once you know the simple steps to take - so try it now.
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