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B2B Solutions: 3 Ways of Using American Business Lists to Generate Sales

Aug 30, 2008
Some new businesses have difficulty entering the shark-infested waters that is business to business marketing in corporate America. Businesses have needs that require fulfilling. Outsourcing has increased the potential opportunities for business-to-business transactions. Most small and medium sized enterprises looking to enter the business-to-business arena have one thing in common; they focus on a specific niche. When working in specific niches, obtaining information on your consumers is vital. Fortunately, a great deal of information can be obtained from American business lists; lists that are easy to obtain at reasonable rates.

These American business lists can be an excellent launching pad for your product and service. They can act as a matchmaker by pairing your product or service with the ideal corporate consumer. Let's examine 3 ways of using American business lists to generate sales.

Method No. 1 Cold Calling

Many new businesses suffer from poor brand awareness. In today's highly competitive corporate landscape, gaining recognition is an important first step in developing business leads. This is especially so considering the plethora of options available for businesses. Unless you exist in a highly specialized niche that is largely uncontested, your business needs to make itself known to your corporate consumers. Try to leverage on the information you find on your business list and seek out the most viable potential consumers.

Before performing the cold call, you may want to conduct some research. This is especially helpful when approaching large businesses. Understanding their needs can help you in securing a marquee client. At the very least, this research could help you develop a rapport with the business, and can help you develop valuable leads that could sustain you in the future.

Method No. 2 Demonstrations

Conducting a demonstration of your product or service can be an effective way of gaining recognition. Demonstrations allow you to put a face to your business. It provides an air of legitimacy to your product or service and helps to foster trust. Demonstrations are usually preceded by cold calls. Once you obtain the opportunity to present your product and service to your consumer, you come closer to generating your sale.

Do not take the term 'demonstration' literally. Demonstrations can also be in the form of presentations in which you 'hard sell' the merits of your product, service and business.

Method No. 3 Product Trials

Initiating product trials can be the most persuasive way of clinching a deal. This tactic is constantly applied by multi-national companies and can be easily adopted by small and medium sized companies. In addition to creating greater product and service awareness, product trials can also create demand.

Depending on the nature of your product, you may even want to consider sending samples to your potential consumers.

These three methods are just examples of some of the various ways you can use American business lists to your advantage. Be innovative and give businesses a reason to remember you. Using American business lists to source for prospective clients can be effective first step in developing a long-term business relationship.
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