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You Can Launch Your Very Own Website in 5 Steps

Aug 30, 2008
If you want to launch your own website but are unsure what to do first, pay attention to the following list.

First, purchase a domain name. Please, before you do this, follow these simple rules to find a suitable name:

Select a domain ending with a .com.

Easy to spell.

Not likely to be misunderstood by a listener.

No dashes or numeric characters.

The domain name should be catchy, easy to remember.

Accurately describes what you offer for sale.

Now the following are general guidelines and there are a few cases where you may safely ignore a few of them. One case is where you have your own blog rather than on the behalf of your company. If that is the case, many people will use their own name for the domain name, even if it is difficult to spell.

One other potential exception is that of a descriptive name. Although it is normally preferable to have a descriptive domain name, many examples exist where this is not the case. Consider Google: one might initially think a better name would be TheBestSearchEngine.com. Put some thought into identifying your target audience and what appeals to them.

Next, select a web host to host your web pages.

Third, build your site. You will need to decide if you want the traditional "static" type site or if you want the newer blog format.

Fourth, add content to your site. Here is where blogs really shine. In many cases, you can even add content via email! To add content to your blog site, you don't need any special software; you merely log into the site from any computer and add away to your heart's content.

Fifth, it is recommended that you construct a set schedule for getting out the word about your site. It is not much good to have a website that no one reads! Several methods of promoting your site exist, including marketing with articles or video, tell-a-friend scripts, the use of press releases, marketing on forums, and posting on blogs.

Starting a website can be challenging and a little bit scary, but also extremely rewarding.
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