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10 Tips To Landing A Job

Aug 30, 2008
If you're trying to enter the workforce in earnest for the first time (so, no, the fact that you clerked a fast food restaurant doesn't count), you will need to know how to get a job.

You may say that it should all depend on your education and skills, but few if any employers are going to agree with you.

They also want to see certain attitudes and mind-sets, and if you don't display them then somebody else with your same education and skills is going to beat you out for every job, every time.

What follows are 10 tips for getting a job.

1) Know what you're going for. You have to have a clear-cut idea of the kind of job you're applying for before you show up at the employer's door. Look very carefully at the want-ads.

Read everything they say in them, and if you have any questions call the contact number or send an e-mail to the contact e-mail and get clarification.

2) Know the company and industry culture. If you're a computer geek, maybe you can find a job where you're allowed to show up in sandals and say "dude" to your boss. But like as not, you can't do that. Also, nobody has time for you to waste their time.

Knowing what a company is all about, as much as you possibly can, before you show up to say you want to work there makes you look a lot more sincere.

3) Have an excellent cover letter and resume all neatly typed up. Your cover letter must be enthusiastic, and right to the point. Short.

Your resume should only include relevant information, and especially if it's short you should emphasize your education or aptitude with short notes underneath the listing of the place where you got the experience or education.

4) Dress for success. Yeah, that's right. And just to be on the safe side, even you ARE a computer geek, you may want to show up in at least shirtsleeves and a tie, with new sneakers. And you'll probably want to wear a nice suit if you're a guy and a nice dress with heels if you're a gal. Do your hair that morning, too.

5) If at all possible, network to get your interview. Make contacts in the business you're trying to get into. Don't waste their time, and don't abuse them. People love to be helpful but remember: they're hired, you're not.

Their professional responsibilities take precedence over you. Nevertheless, today it's not "who you know", it's "who knows you?"

6) Before you get to the interview, mentally prepare a list of likely questions you'll be asked prepare your answers. Preparation is huge.

7) Smile at your interview. Nobody wants to hire a sourpuss. Even if you ARE going for an accounting job.

8) Sit up straight at your interview. Speak clearly and confidently and look the interviewer in the eye. Project quiet power and self-confidence. If you don't know you can do the job, why should this stranger interviewing you?

9) Show up a little early or right on time for your interview. If you're late for a first interview, unless you have a very good excuse you're probably toast already.

10) Send a thank-you note to your interviewer and any networking contacts you used. Gratitude can hold magic power and give you the edge over stiff competition.

While nothing can guarantee you a job, these 10 tips for getting a job give you a definitely greater chance than someone who doesn't follow them.
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