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Food Suppliers: How To Find Good Local Food Suppliers For My New Business

Aug 30, 2008
When starting a new business concerned with the sale and supply of food, it can been all to easy to overlook that crucial element; where you will in fact source all of your ingredients and produce. This shouldn't be the case. With so many new businesses failing, a operation that has at its heart food retail, of any kind, will be doomed to failure if poor quality ingredients are used from the start. Here is a short guide on finding suitable suppliers for your new venture.

Use the Internet. The Internet can prove to be an invaluable source of information on local retailers, with many advertising the facilities and produce offered on their own sites. A quick search of the net using your preferred search engine will find hundreds of producers. Its then just a case of filtering out those that do not seem suitable for your new business and contacting those that meet your needs. To save time, another important consideration you will soon appreciate once your business gets going, write a draft email explaining your circumstances and requirements that you can send to all suppliers, making small adjustments where necessary.

The Yellow Pages. With the Internet increasingly being the preferred choice as the number one source of information, The Yellow Pages is often overlooked. It shouldn't be, as many retailers or suppliers are stuck in their ways and continue to use seemingly old fashioned means of advertising. Finding the relevant section and making a few calls can produce quick results. An informal chat with a supplier can be useful even if they can't help personally; they will often have a supplier of their own or one that they can recommend. They may have a whole host of contacts that they have built up over the years so never underestimate the benefits of a quick, friendly chat!

Industrial espionage. Whilst we wouldn't condone espionage on a large scale, a visit to a competitor can be useful in that it will allow you to see what the competition is doing. For example, a new restauranteur may like to visit similar restaurants for a quick drink. Whilst there ask the bar staff if you can have a look at the dinner menu and see where they are sourcing ingredients from, many will be proud of the ingredients that they use and thus openly state it on their menu!

Make a few visits to the local and surrounding area. The latest fashion is for organic, fair trade, locally sourced, sustainable independent food, and the best place to find this is through local farmers and farm shops. An afternoon spent trawling the countryside can be a great way to find the grub you're after and also make relationships with those that will be supplying your food.

Trade magazines. Nearly all trades have their associated press and the food retail industry is no different. There are numerous titles out their to suit all types of food related business so take a look in your local newsagents or online. Trade press can also be a great way to keep up with developments in the industry allowing you to stay abreast with the competition!
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