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The Benefits Of Free Internet Directories

Aug 30, 2008
There are two different types of Internet directories: Free and Paid. Internet directories provide a directory of free newsletters and e-zines. Customers can sign up for free newsletters and e-zines that spark their interest. This leads to increased traffic to your website.

Let's take a look at free directories. An example of a free directory is new-list. This is a valuable free directory. When you visit new-list you will find that there are an extensive amount of categories such as business and health. Click on the topic that matches your Internet website category. You will find a listing of all the newsletters associated with this category.

These are newsletters submitted by various Internet businesses. You can provide information about your newsletter, your website address, and name. You can submit your newsletter to this directory listing. It is critical that you provide a short and sweet description about your newsletter. You want to immediately direct people to your website.

How do I submit my list? Click on the "Submit New List" option in the upper left hand corner of the website. They will have a form you fill out regarding your list. There are eight simple steps to follow. Let's look at each step in more detail.

Step #1: Put your name and description in this area.

Step #2: Put your 15-30 word website description in this area.

Step #3: Make sure to type in your website with the format of yourdomain dot com ("yourdomain" is the name of your website.) Don't forget http://. The reason is that if you provide http:// then you will know for sure that your website link is a clickable hyperlink. If you leave off the http:// then your website may or may not appear as a hyperlink.

Step #4: You need to tell the Internet visitor exactly what to do. You should write "What I want you to do is to go to my website listed below. Then click on the link. After that, I want you to type in your first name and primary email address. Then click the "Subscribe" button."

Step #5: Put your name or company name. You can put your primary email address in this section. This email address will not be published. It is only useful for the webmaster because they might need to communicate with you.

Step #6: Only select the category that best suits your website.

Step #7: Leave it at the "Free" option.

Step #8: Click the "Submit" button to submit your list.

New-list is a great website because it has a Google page rank of 6. This is a free service so take note that your list may not be created immediately. It will appear whenever the webmaster gets around to your request. While you may have to wait a week, it is well worth the wait.
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