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What Is The Best Video Of All Time?

Aug 30, 2008
When looking at the best videos ever you have to take into account not only the blockbuster comic hits like, well anything starring Will Ferrell, but also the millions of fantastic home made clips that unsuspected cyber super stars have posted on hosting sites such as YouTube to be viewed by their peers. This includes news footage, stand up comic performers, basically anything weird and wonderful that has been captured on video.

There is some debate as would be expected, however the most popular hosting site YouTube publishes statistics annually on the most popular video based on how many millions of views it has received and how many times it has been shared, commented on or emailed. Whittling out the music videos which seem to be dominating the top clips leaves you with a selection of homemade masterpieces to remember.

When looking at the best videos of 2007 the top video was called Battle at Kruger and featured a showdown between a herd of bison and a pride of lions, oh and a crocodile. The amateur cameraman is shaking with disbelief as the epic saga unfurls. The bison unsuspectingly stumble upon a pride of lurking lions who tackle a calf into the nearby lake and try to drag it out only to be involved in a tug of war with the croc.

The lions eventually get it out of the water only to be faced by the bison backup in the form of about 50 of the rutting beasts. The bison do not take too kindly to the lions feeding off one of their young and absolutely decimate the lions, sending them scattering in all directions and amazingly enough the young calf actually gets up an falls back into the ranks of the herd, that calf will not be getting bullied around the waterhole.

This is not the most popular video of all time as it amassed 21 million views which is nowhere near the whopping 55.8 million views that Justin Laipply received for his trouser movingly funny video, The Evolution of Dance. This was released in 2006 and is a compilation of dance styles running from 1950 to 2000 as part of a comedy routine. The video was also favoured 252,082 times making it the number one favoured video of all time.

There have been other classics from the less funny, more tragic genre such as the 2007 Chris Crocker video entitled, Leave Britney Alone. Out of morbid curiosity this video was viewed over 14 million times as the Britney mad Crocker broke down and blubbed his camp appeal for the press to leave the southern belle beauty queen turned pop mega star be.

This medium provides unbelievable publicity opportunities which are exploited, however you have the other side which allows the amazing videos such as NORA: Practice Makes Purr-Fect, where a kitten plays the piano and the absolutely enthralling Battle at Kruger. This has to be the best video of all time due to the popularity combined with the precious footage that many wildlife photographers would never experience in a lifetime.
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