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Making a Hobby a Career

Aug 30, 2008
A hobby is an activity that we do because we truly enjoy it. It can be anything at all from acting to painting and even teaching. For most people a hobby is simply a relaxing way to pass spare time by doing something enjoyable. However, for many a hobby may double as a job or additional line of income. It can be difficult to know when to turn a hobby into a profession. For some it may be quite the risk to give up a regular day job in order to pursue hobby interests as a career. Make no mistake, there is plenty of reward associated with risk when it's well thought out and developed.

Start out small. If you are still in the beginning stages of deciding to turn your hobby choice into a career, tread slowly. For example, if you are a musician perhaps you will begin by teaching lessons to students part time in order to see if you receive enough demand for full time opportunities. Most people do not start out in their hobbies with the intent to make money but if the opportunity presents itself, it may be worth looking into further. Even the artist who enjoys doodling or playing with computer graphics has many ways that they could offer services to others.

If you find that you spend more time in thought regarding your hobby ventures then perhaps you should consider turning it into your main source of income. Art, writing and decoration are hobby interests that many people also make a fine living at. Consider the ways your hobby skills could benefit others. It's just a matter of making yourself known to those who may be interested in what you can do for them. Most hobbies are based on creative interests. Since we all differ in our creative skills, chances are good that someone will be pleased to discover what you can do.

It can be difficult making the transition from a daily job where you answer to someone else to working for yourself. Start off with part time in order to develop a clientele while maintaining a steady income elsewhere. Build a promotional website and advertise it to those who will have the most use for your service. Chances are high of finding many options online for marketing your hobby talents and even landing a job performing just that. Search job listings too for there are many freelance opportunities available for those who wish to work with their hobby.

Marketing is essential for drawing in those who seek what you can do. By making yourself known and available you stand a better chance of turning your hobby into full time success. Run a website, print up newsletters and use hobby related groups and sites as a basis for networking. Often the best way to secure a job is through word of mouth or others that you share the hobby with. Making contacts with other hobby enthusiasts is absolutely necessary for furthering your career goals. Making a hobby into a career is a challenge but it is often more than worth the risk.
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