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Is Cash Gifting Really A Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity?

Aug 30, 2008
Cash gifting is creating a lot of hype and buzz around the online community, but what's it all about and is it this even legitimate?

Cash gifting has been a known activity in the U.S. now for over ten years, and to this point has created better and healthier lifestyles for thousands and thousands of people, right?

What I found out is that cash gifting is based on the ethical principle of giving and receiving. If one gives, thee shall receive. I discovered this is the whole purpose behind this legal, ethical and super lucrative opportunity. People helping people to enjoy better lifestyle for themselves and their families. I guess this part really made sense to me.

I also found that beside what I stated above some still feel that because there aren't any products involved with cash gifting that it simply shouldn't be legal. I can understand people coming from that perspective and it does seem make some sense. I guess you can look at from two sides. One side based on the principle of giving and receiving and the other of giving money for nothing in return. But that would make sense why the activity is known as cash gifting.

I also found out to my surprise that many top MLM gurus and network marketers have joined cash gifting programs for the simple fact that they are afraid of them as pure competition. I found that cash gifting accounts for so much cash flow that most MLM and direct-sales companies pale in comparison and hide at the thought of how many are involved with a superior and far easier way to receive cash from home. I was very surprised to see this.

I suppose most people can't imagine a system that is so simple yet has changed so many lives for the better. I was quite happy to see that there was never any selling, explaining or chasing friends or family. I always hated chasing my friends and family. So it appears this is a true work from home opportunity that appeals to anyone who is looking for a legal and easy to begin receiving cash from home.

I also found that this program currently has over 50,000 participants who are steadily living more prosperous lives as a result. I saw found a significant growth pattern in cash gifting especially over the last year or so. It would seem as though the appeal of no products and working for yourself makes sense to a lot of people.

I personally see a trend among Americans becoming less and less respectful of corporate America. I think most are tired of the IRS taking more and more of their hard earned dollars and with nearly every major corporation downsizing these days, I can see why this growth pattern may continue to increase in the near future.

Through all of this I did find and must point out that one must still remember cash gifting is not a business or enterprise. It is simply a private activity that constitutes the pay it forward principle.

Overall I found that cash gifting seems legal from every corner and I gave it a thumbs up as a legal and ethical activity one can participate in to help others and their families.
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