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Build Your Company By Building Strong Teams

Aug 30, 2008
Do you currently work in an organization (small or large) where the leaders of the organization are amazing at building strong, powerful teams? Do those leaders constantly strive to create high performance teams? One of the best questions that person can ask their self is how can I create teams that build up individuals and collective performance? It is simple; leaders who are emotionally intelligent create high performing teams that are committed to the work.

You should ask yourself, are you good at creating and developing teams? Are you constantly working toward making your work environment social and enjoyable? Are you striving to create teams that produce results?

The very best teams in organizations spend a lot of time and a lot of effort exploring, shaping, and agreeing on a purpose of the team. This activity continues throughout the life of the team and keeps on evolving as time goes on. Research has shown that teams that fail rarely developed a common purpose among themselves.

Teams that are very successful not only come up with a common purpose, but they take the time to translate it into specific goals that are solely based on performance. The goals are in place to help the team be motivated and have the strength and energy to move forward each day toward achieving the end goal. The purpose of these smaller goals is to help the team build momentum, build trust among its members, and helps each member of the team stay committed until the end goal is met.

Team purpose and specific goals are essential to high performance. Goal clarity helps keep a team on track to meet the end goal. Understanding the purpose of the team will provide meaning and emotional energy that each team member can play off of.

It is interesting, when team member's work together toward a common goal or objective, you end up with team members trusting each other's and commitment follows. Team members will then hold themselves responsible for the performance of the team. This sense of accountability helps each team member work toward achieving a common goal and then in the end, all members share in the rewards.

When groups are not built as a team that has a common purpose or have clear goals, they are setting themselves up for failure. Only when clear goals are set in advance and teams can agree on these goals will truly effective teams develop. It is important for leaders to know and understand these things so they can rally their teams towards effective teamwork and team building.
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CMOE is a company that specializes in team building, more specifically, management team building . For over 45 years, CMOE has been assisting companies in improving productivity. They offer many workshops that center on executive team building and corporate team building. For more information, please visit the CMOE website
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