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Creating and Designing the Right Media Pack For Your Website Advertising Offers

Aug 30, 2008
Your media pack is a fundamental part of your business and says a lot about what your online objectives are. It tells your potential advertisers who you are and why they should advertise with you. Creating the right impression is everything and your media pack should reflect a positive attitude and a great appetite for business.

Your media pack tells a story and takes advertisers on a brief journey.

These days it seems that our attention span for absorbing online information is generally limited to just a few seconds. When it comes to your media pack, the trick is to create a document which is visually appealing and answers one or two key points or questions in a very short space of time--once you grab their attention, they are more likely to read on.

So, what is it that would make your potential advertisers read and absorb the information in your media pack?

Well, first of all it does need to have a visual appeal, but more importantly, it should cover and highlight the real selling points very early on. Think of this document as something much shorter--a press release or sales letter for example. This will then focus your mind on delivering key messages at the beginning of the document, as well as running a consistent theme or branding message throughout.

Just imagine for a moment what your advertisers want to see. If there was an ideal website they could advertise on what would it contain and cover and how would it enable them to reach their target audience.

The best way to structure a media pack is to first break it into four key areas:

1. Intro and USP's (unique selling points)

2. Facts, figures and demographics of audience

3. Revisit USP's and add testimonials

4. Rate card information and production requirements

If you can do all this in a four page document, then great.

One thing you shouldn't do is try to cram in loads of images and make the text fit too tightly around them. This just makes the whole page look too busy and this mass of information will not be that easy to read. What you want is a well formatted and structured document that can be scanned, but also studied in detail if the reader feels in the mood to do so.

Some media packs are also just way too long. It is true that a meaty and weighty document can sometimes give you a certain amount of credibility if your potential advertisers are going to print out your document. However, as this particular story relates to media information for your website, we'll assume that the key points mentioned here will be more relevant to people who view your online version first.

A main point to mention is that your media pack must clearly highlight your strengths and should almost certainly mention points about visitor levels, target audience, demographics, profiles, testimonials and any surveys or statistical data you might have. Just make it interesting, concise and easy to follow and your incoming ad enquiries should improve.
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