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Favorite Small Business Franchises You Didn't Know About

Aug 31, 2008
If you've ever owned or thought about owning a small business franchise, you're probably familiar with some of the more common franchises available. Everyone is familiar with fast food franchises, retail franchises and even some of the more common auto repair and lube franchises, but if you look a little closer you can find some really unique franchises that are not only fun and out of the ordinary, but also have the potential to make good money in their niche markets. If you're the type of entrepreneur that likes to take the road less traveled, consider the following Small Business Franchises You Didn't Know About.

All About Honeymoons

This franchise is fond of the phrase, "Our Name Says It All" but what the name doesn't tell you is how big of an industry exists in sending happy couples on the honeymoon of their dreams. With over 2.4 million weddings each year in the U.S., and with a staggering 96% of newlyweds taking honeymoons, it's easy to see how this seemingly niche market has huge profit potential. All About Honeymoons is a fun and exciting small business. They're dedicated to helping newlyweds have the trip of a lifetime, but they also destination weddings and romance and leisure travel. Whether you're married or single, an All About Honeymoons franchise is a great choice for a small business with big business potential.


Running a small business can work up quite an appetite, and if you like bar-b-cue you can't go wrong with Bar-B-Cutie. This restaurant franchise has been serving up some of the best bar-b-cue around for more than 50 years (quite an achievement in the restaurant business). With over 200 restaurants worldwide, Bar-B-Cutie is growing fast and they're designed their restaurant to not only serve up great food, but also generate revenue fast. With revenue streams coming from dine-in, take-out, drive-thru and even catering services, your Bar-B-Cutie franchise will have more potential ways to make money than just about any other type of franchise and each one revolves around one thing: great tasting Bar-B-Cue.

Prime Time Boxing, Inc.

With over 26 years of boxing experience and 10 years of fitness experience under their belts, Prime Time Boxing will is one of the best small business franchise opportunities for anyone who loves fitness, training or taking a few swings at the heavy bag. With a Prime Time Boxing franchise, you'll not only get training and advice from folks who really know boxing, you'll also get training and support all throughout the business side of a Prime Time Boxing franchise. PTB offers their franchisees a plethora of services including gym layouts and startup, franchise and management training, internet exposure and plenty of other services designed to get your gym up and running in no time and help you knock out the competition. Many people are looking for intensive boxing training these days due to the recent popularity of sports like MMA or even movies like Rocky Balboa or The Hammer and with a Prime Time Boxing franchise you'll be able to capitalize on this growing niche market and have the advantage of much better and more focused training than a regular gym is capable of.

Juice It Up!

We all know that we should eat healthy. Statistic after statistic, news reports, even movies about fast food over indulgence have been sending the message over the last several years to Americans that we're overweight, we're unhealthy and it's going to kill us if we don't shape up. Well one company is doing something to make Americans a bit healthier by providing a tasty way to fill up on fruit, veggies and vitamins and the response has been overwhelming. Juice It Up! Started out as a "California style" juice bar serving up blended smoothies to their customers who at the time were mostly young professionals. Since then, they've expanded through a series of franchises, added plenty more tasty and healthy recipes and have begun to attract a much wider demographic ranging from young children to senior citizens and everyone in between. Why so much success? Juice It Up! Takes ingredients that are good for you and turns them into a smoothie that tastes great. It's a win/win.

Hopefully you found a niche market franchise that caught your attention. These niche markets often can appear at first glance to not be worth the investment, but for the majority of them their advantage is the niche market. Opening a new business is hard, especially when you face stiff competition from a handful of other companies offering the same goods and services as you, but with a niche market franchise you can be the only game in town and build loyalty and a strong customer base. Finally, consider that starting a small business from scratch is pretty tough, but all of these businesses have made it work and are now ready to pass everything they've learned on to you and with that comes their name to back it up. Of course there are no guarantees of success, but a new small business with a flourishing franchise will give you the best odds for success that you'll find anywhere.
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