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How To Profit From Your Hobby In Three Easy Steps

Aug 17, 2007
If this doesn't get you excited, nothing will - you're about to discover a proven system for following your dream and turning something you love into a profitable business.

If you've ever asked your self any of these questions -

* What would I really enjoy doing for the rest of my life?

* Where is my ideal retirement paradise? How can I live there and do what I want to do too?

* Do I want to work alone or with a partner? If with a partner, who?

Then this 3 step system will show you how.

Step #1 - Find a need, then fill it

If you love doing something special, if you would do it every day if you could, and if you could spend the rest of your life enjoying this one thing if you didn't have a care in the world...you can bet there are probably thousands of other people feeling just the same way about it right at this very moment.

Every person who wants the same thing as you do has a need they need filled in order for them to pursue their dream. One way you can discover what other people need and want is to look at what annoys you about your current hobby or pastime.

* Are materials difficult or impossible to find locally?

* Are parts and accessories very expensive and inferior quality?

* Are suppliers lax in their delivery times or keep you waiting for hours when you call them or send an enquiry by email?

* Is quality information like How-to courses, instruction manuals and tutorials difficult to find?

All of these problems create opportunities for you to build a business around your hobby and fill the needs of others. If you have the problem, you can rest assured that you aren't the only one...

Find a need related to your favorite hobby...and fill it

Step #2 - Create the solution to the problem

Once you have found a need, your job is to find the solution.

For example -

* If materials are difficult to find locally, find an offline or online supplier who will drop ship them to the people who need them and work out a referral fee arrangement where you receive a commission on all sales made through you

* If parts and accessories are expensive and low quality, find quality wholesale merchants who offer a money back guarantee and set up referral arrangements with them as outlined above

* If suppliers take forever to send your products, find merchant's who offer guaranteed fast deliver and offer a referral program so you can earn a commission on all sales. You will often find with some searching that one or two merchants will fill all of these criteria at once...

* If there is a lack of quality information available, take your knowledge of your favorite hobby and create the manuals and guides you wish you had when you were starting out

Find a need, and fill it using the information you already have in your head and freely available resources such as newspapers and the Internet to do your research.

Step #3 - Distribute your products and information

By far the most difficult part of this process is in finding says of distributing your products or information to the many thousands of people you'll need to find to create any sort of lasting success.

* You can attend hobby and craft fairs where you man a booth and display your products

* You can use an online auction system such as eBay to promote your products to a much larger audience, but the problem is that eBay owns the visitor traffic arriving at their website, so you have little chance of contacting people who don't buy from you initially to follow up and persuade them to buy later

* You can use a website purpose designed to generate free, targeted visitors from the search engines, PRE-sell them on the idea of buying from you, and then send them to your preferred merchants or dedicated sales pages for your information products

Long term, the final option is the most likely to generate the greatest results because you have the leverage potential of the Internet working for you and you can automate just about every part of the process.

But building a website that does this is not usually an easy task. There are many things to consider and you need a proven system to guide you if you are to have any chance of success.

You need role models to follow, steps to take, and tools that make life easier. Most websites fail to reach anywhere near their potential. By finding and then following a proven system, your chances of success are much improved.

In summary

* Find a need

* Work out a way to fill it with a product or service you can either create or source from another vendor on favorable terms

* Create a distribution system that automates everything as much as possible

That's all you need to do to turn your favorite hobby into a successful business.
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