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Select Your Team Leader Carefully, It's Your First Priority

Aug 17, 2007
In MLM marketing, you can start your business for less than $100 and literally choose the coach or leader who will train you. Of course this will involve doing a little research on the team leader you choose to work with. But in the end, it will be time well spent.

Many people are still saddled with antiquated MLM training and ideas of how the old multilevel companies were run in the 1960's and 70's.

Some of the more successful marketers had the good fortune to have had the proper MLM training to make them more profitable than their competitors. What was that one secret that they learned in Multi-Level Marketing before the rest?

The secret was selecting a team with an experienced coach and/or sponsor who taught, guided and motivated them towards success. Every professional businessperson or athlete has a coach to aid in their training. Why should it be any different for MLM marketing?

Of course there are other factors you must consider also, such as the financial stability of the company, timing, the compensation plan and the marketing of a consumable product. But if you are not properly trained and motivated during the early weeks and months, you will almost certainly fail. In my little world, failure is NOT an option.

Here are some suggestions which should help you when seeking out the "ultimate coach" who will assist you in your MLM business.

1. Go with someone who has experience training Multi-Level Marketers.

You need a leader who will be your North Star; bright and steady. Successful network marketers are people who stay the course. Many people give up too quickly and never reap the harvest. The quickest way to failure in MLM is to quit. You must make the commitment to your business right from the beginning.

Choose a leader who has experienced some bumps in MLM. A coach that can relate to the pot holes in the road to success.

2. Find a team leader who continuously studies and researches the industry.

A professional networker will subscribe to magazines in their area of expertise, attend seminars to keep up-to-date on what's happening in the MLM world.

3. Make sure that they have a proven track record.

A talented coach will also prove their worth in many ways. Generally speaking, you will not rise higher than your team leaders, so know what your goals are and find a coach who has realistic goals that surpass yours.

4. Find a coach who knows the ins and outs of marketing.

Define Network marketing, DUH!, marketing through networking. An essential part of this equation is the effective marketing of your networking business.

Marketing can eat up a small budget in no time flat. Therefore, you must learn from your coach what works, from what does not work, so that you can use your marketing dollars most efficently.

The name of the game is acquiring the greatest gain from your monthly budget. Leverage is the main thrust behind network marketing. This translates into small effort to produce the greatest gain.

Find yourself a coach who can train you on how to use the most up-to-date MLM tools such as teleconferencing, direct mail, the Internet and broadcast media. This is a business so you must treat it as one.

The right opportunity and company may be the vehicle to your success, but an effective MLM coach is the high-octane fuel you put in your tank.
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