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Affiliate Program Results Aren't Fictional

Aug 31, 2008
The buzz about the potential revenue stream affiliate programs can provide is true. The only real difference between those who make them supercharged earning machines and those who don't is a willingness on the part of some people to work the programs to their advantage.

One of the best ways for anyone to really see some great results from affiliate programs involves creating a website or blog that's dedicated to the program's niche. When creating a site or blog, however, the focus really needs to be on actually crafting a useful site. Producing a keyword stuffed, link farmed creation might pull in traffic, but it won't likely result in conversions or return visits. If a site is useful, appealing and gives a reader something, however, great things can result.

To really work a site or blog to your advantage, it pays to have a place to gather people's contact information. This can translate to a ready mailing list that can be used for future marketing efforts. Most websites and blogs do this via opt-in boxes. This is a simple form that visitors fill out with their name and e-mail address. In exchange for their efforts, you give them freebies that are related to the niche. For example, newsletters, occasional coupon offers, services, product reports, e-books and so on. Whatever is given, however, needs to be useful and should have affiliate links included to pay off on the marketing end.

The mailing list created via opt-in boxes on affiliate sites is a very valuable tool. This list can be used over and again to pull in traffic, tout products and services and so on. Most importantly, it can help a webmaster or blogger create a relationship with visitors. This creates a path for further contact.

The list, however, isn't the only important key in a successful affiliate program. The website or blog, too, needs to be of high quality. Each site or blog should focus on a single affiliate program or niche. Mixing them all together will create a site that simply doesn't produce well on traffic results.

When working to develop the site, don't overlook the value of keyword optimization for pulling in traffic. Ad Word Analyzer is a great tool to use to choose words relevant to the theme. Choose carefully and make sure the terms selected do fit the theme. Avoid stuffing them into content. Quality and relevancy are big factors here.

Take the time to actually build the site and its related content. Don't just switch around metatags. Focus on content, optimizing headers, footers, page descriptions and more. Content in and of itself is a very valuable tool for pulling in traffic and even conversions through an affiliate programs. The key here is that content needs to be keyword rich, useful, relevant and unique. If you can't write it, hire a good copywriter to do so.

The simple fact of the matter is that content is important for garnering search engine attention and subsequent ranking. This can equate to traffic. Advertising can help, too, but it can get rather expensive. Focusing on content can be a more cost-effective means of boosting traffic and affiliate revenue. If supercharging the potential is desired, the key lies in the ability to capture traffic and develop relationships with visitors.
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