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2 Easy Ways To Automate Your Website

Aug 31, 2008
Want to put your Internet business on autopilot and turn it into a money making machine? Read this article to find out two easy ways to automate your business right now.

1. Use automated software.
2. Outsource your tasks.

Let's look at automated software:
Think about Wikipedia. This website grows quickly because everyone around the world adds content to it. It is content that grows automatically. The same thing applies to YouTube. Every time a video is added, a new webpage is added. Content growth is exponential.

You can apply this same growth content to your website. Your website should allow other people to add content to your website so you don't have to.

You can also have a content syndication feature. Think about insare. You can set it up so every time an article is added to isnare, it is added to your website. The articles from this website are automatically syndicated to your website after you approve them.

You can provide an incentive to people to write articles. These authors can receive exposure and be paid through Google AdSense. The more incentive you give them to add content to your website, the more money you will make on autopilot.

Tip: Every week you need to submit the URL of your site map of your entire website to Google. The Google spiders will then evaluate and explore all of your updated content.

Tip: Have the feature for social networking and bookmarking on your website.

Let's look at outsourcing your routine tasks by hiring freelancers.
1. Mechanical tasks such as copy and paste. These are easily outsourced.
2. Create tutorials to teach your freelancers. Why? All of your freelance workers must be dispensable. So if you don't want them to work for you any more you can hire somebody else and teach them with a tutorial.
3. Where can you hire freelancers? Elance, rentacoder, scriptlance, and Guru. While these are good websites for freelancers, you can also outsource to freelance companies in the Philippines and India. These freelance companies are an excellent option because their workers are actual employees. So there is a management system in place and the workers have the proper job training.

Tip: A good company is agentsofvalue.

When you are outsourcing make sure you give them personal limited access to your system. For example, you don't want a freelancer to have control over your website. In Web 2.0 you can set up limited access so they can only add articles or do whatever task you want them to do.
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