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8 Millionaires Transcript That Revealed The Secrets Of Becoming Rich

Aug 31, 2008
Every person that building a business either online or offline always dream on becoming millionaire. Hard work alone will not give you the answer to the question on how to become a millionaire. The problem is not everybody that involve in world of business really get the answer. This article will provide the explanation on this interesting issue.

In Malaysia, the dominant person that rules the world of internet business is Dr. Irfan Khairi. He became one of the internet marketers that really boost the Malaysian online internet business industry. He actively makes money through his effort of introducing the online business to Malaysian that most of them did not have any single basic of internet marketing. His product is beyond reasonable doubt. Many of the participant that involve in his seminar gained success in their own internet business.

But the interesting part is on his new product known as Millionaires Mentor with Irfan Khairi or in Malaysian language known as (Mentor Jutawan) really give hopes to most people in Malaysia especially those who really have the determination on becoming the latest millionaire.

The latest eBook from Malaysian most successful internet online millionaire Dr. Irfan Khairi will reveal it all. This is really valuable because Dr. Irfan Khairi reveal 8 millionaire secret formula on how to becoming millionaire. The most interesting part is that all of them are from different business industry. They are:-

1. Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah (motivation expert)
2. Azizi Ali (financial expert)
3. Chef Li (chef expert)
4. Dr. Azman Ching (multilevel marketing expert)
5. Billi Lim (failure expert)
6. Hussamuddin (publication expert)
7. Brother Abu (entrepreneur expert)
8. Irfan Khairi (internet expert)

The most important part in this eBook is it reveals how to have a mindset that exactly like millionaire. Here are some of interesting points that will give many the answer of becoming millionaire:-

- What is the different between millionaire and average people?
- How those millionaires used to failure and start over from zero to real hero?
- How to have a millionaire mindset?
- What is the most similar attitude from those millionaires that give you some points to practice it?
- What is the strategy to get results from all the business you involved?
- How to starts from failure, failure, failure and failure?
- What is their inspiration to becoming millionaire?
- What do they did to becoming a millionaire that rarely did by average person?
- Why most of us working so hard but still fail to becoming millionaire?

Here the real questions to those who want to get secret recipe of being millionaire. Do you really want to be millionaire? Do you really want to get the secret formula of becoming millionaire? How to reach millionaire from zero? So, do not waste time to get this secret formula of becoming new millionaire.
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This article was submitted by Nizam Shapie, an up and coming expertin internet marketing. Did you find this article useful? Get Tons of FREE information by going to Millionaire Mentor and find out more about how to becoming millionaire on internet by going to Working From Home Tips and get Tons of FREE information regarding working online secrets.
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