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Do You Fear the Geek Factor?

Aug 31, 2008
Internet technology and all its software can have a brutal learning curve. We know you might be a geek and understand all the different software, terminology and how it works together. But what if you don't?

The number two reason people fail to launch their internet marketing business is because they feel they will never master all the software needed. Start ups fail by the thousands because of this very reason.

Have you ever been stuck and just wanted to scream because you thought the interface had a stupid design? It didn't operate in a logical way or was user unfriendly? Does your HTML editor suck and the FTP software make you think it was written so you CAN"T use it? What about masking your links or redirecting and integrating your Email campaign? How do I create downloadable PDF files and where do I store them?

Don't be afraid of the geek factor. We know it can be scary and often you don't even know what you don't know. You might not even know what to ask or feel stupid asking. Hey have you ever searched the help contents only to find they don't even address the problem? Now what do you do?

First of all, you can master any software you need. Take a step back and decide what is the first software application you need. Typically that will be building a web presence or a website. Today there are several good "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) html editors. These editors allow you to build a website without knowing or understanding html. It has gotten so much easier for us.

There are sights that offer website templates. All you do is fill in the blanks. Typically the number of pages is limited and so is the functionality. These templates are OK for small sites without a lot of functionality. These templates are good for social net working, blogging and basic company institutional presence.

You will need to build your own website for your particular business. You will need to concentrate on just this one key software application. Work with it, experiment and don't forget to read the tutorial and manual. I know this sounds silly, but read the tutorial twice. Many people don't read and follow the manual as they are working through the software. It may take you a month to master, depending on how much time you can devote to it. That is fine because once you have it you own it. Remember you are building a business.

Never and I mean never be afraid to ask for help. Every software application requires help to master. Use all the help resources offered. Then Email or call the support contacts and ask. Every webmaster or IT geek started out knowing less than you know right now.

Now and only now do you move on to the next software that you may need. If you take one step at a time you will become completely comfortable. The great thing is as you become more comfortable each software application becomes easier.

It all starts with your first piece of software you master. Your confidence increases and you will move much fast toward your goal. Don't get distracted by working with three or four software applications. Break down in writing your plan of attack. Prioritize each piece of software that will be needed. Don't move on until you are very comfortable with each software application. Don't rush your learning curve because that is what has lead to your current dilemma.

Remember the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise won every time and he understood much more about the trail than the hare.

The great thing is once you have mastered all the software you need no one can ever take that away from you. Computer literacy is a great asset that has huge currency in the market place.

Hopefully you will use it as an entrepreneur and reap the benefits.

Put your head down and plow forward. One year from now you will remember this moment and be thankful that you plowed forward. The rewards far out weigh the difficulty. You will be successful.

Watch out, the geek shall inherit the earth!
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