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The 411 on Cash Gifting

Aug 31, 2008
Cash gifting is once again making a real splash on the Internet market, offering hope to people who are looking for a legitimate way to make money from home. The problem is, many people have taken legitimate cash gifting systems and turned them into poorly organized pyramid schemes that eventually get shut down, leaving hundreds of people out hundreds of dollars and giving legitimate cash gifting a bad name.

So what is cash gifting? Technically, cash gifting is a type of pay it forward system from which everyone can profit. When you join a legitimate cash gifting company you will gift a certain amount of money, and you will go out and market the program to others. They too will gift that same amount of money, and over time all of you will profit. Simple, easy and, because you can give your money to whomever you want, completely legal!

Of course, that doesn't mean that all cash gifting programs are either legitimate or successful. There are far too many out there that are poorly organized, with no hand at the helm to ensure that payments are made when and where they're supposed to be and no legal presence to oversee the entire program and be sure that people aren't gifting their money, then never seeing return.

These are the programs that have transformed cash giving into a pyramid scheme, and when they eventually crash and burn over 88% of the members have lost their money. Needless to say, these aren't the ones that entrepreneurs looking for a way to make honest money from the comfort of their home want to affiliate themselves with!

How can you identify a legitimate cash gifting program? First and foremost, choose a program that offers an even playing field and equal returns based on your investment, not a pyramid scheme where only the person at the top ever receives a payout-even if that person is bumped to the bottom of the pyramid after they do. There should be legal documents that you have to sign committing you to the program and your part of it (i.e. a contract), and there should be an established schedule by which you will receive your payouts.

Further, you should also have access to a mentor who has actually made money in the program, not one so busy trying to bring on new members that they don't have time to give you the time and attention you need to get your own marketing program up and running-which brings us to the next point. Every legitimate cash gifting program has a developed and proven marketing program behind it.

Not all cash gifting programs are a scam; when used legitimately they're a great way to supplement or even replace your current income. If you choose carefully you could be enjoying the benefits of your cash gifting program for months or even years to come.
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Merudh Patel is an online marketing entrepreneur from NJ who is studying at Rutgers University at the moment and successfully mentoring others to achieve success in internet marketing using the best online opportunity - Cash Gifting
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