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6 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Home Business Website

Sep 1, 2008
If you are network marketing today and don't have your own home business website then you're strangling your chances of attracting targeted and hungry prospects into your business funnel.

Here are some cold hard facts about building a network marketing business today:

- the days of cold calling your way to the top have well and truly passed
- the days of buying untargeted leads and hoping to convert some of them into your downline is like trying to hit a target with an arrow where there is nothing to aim for
- the days of prospecting your warm market hoping to build a thriving MLM business have just about disappeared and
- home meetings are becoming archaic in today's internet dominated lifestyle

The Importance Of A Home Business Website

The simple fact is, people who you might consider prospects are really only a click away from looking for a better solution to the methods described above. They worked fine back in their day but compared to the potential of attracting unlimited targeted leads via the internet, it's like putting the horse and cart up against the motor car.

When we talk about having a home business website we are not referring to company generated sites. They have their place but are a waste of time when you need to play the attraction marketing game. Why? Because they are like the Borg from Star Trek...they are all the same and that means the search engines completely dismiss 99.9% of them when indexing them. The main issue is they are poorly optimized for the search engines and the issue of duplicate content rears it's ugly head.

So what's the answer? You need your own website and here are the reasons why:

1. It immediately brands you instead of just making you one of the crowd all pushing the same messaage.

2. Prospects will favor your site ahead of company generated sites simply because you will have the ability to push the value message rather than a company and it's products.

3. You will be able to provide your visitors with the type of information they're looking for such as articles on your niche, how to information and a list of resources they can utilize without stepping on the toes of your company's policy.

4. You will have the ability to offer your visitors your own newsletter which will further separate you from the general crowd.

5. You can optimize your site the right way and get it indexed where people will be able to find it.

6. And your visitors won't feel like they are being pressured to buy something when they land on your home business site. In other words, what they'll find is take away information they can utilize right away.

This is all about building a relationship with your prospects and promoting you instead of the company. The truth is, your prospects will eventually join you and not your company. Show them that your the answer to their prayers and you'll never struggle for downline members again.
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