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Network Marketing Business - How To Target A Hungry MLM Prospects

Sep 1, 2008
What makes a dedicated network marketer? In fact, is there a difference between a dedicated networker and a successful one? This is something that can be confusing to many because being dedicated doesn't mean you'll be successful.

There's an old saying relating to working smarter and not harder. In today's network marketing business world where the renegade is making huge inroads into the industry, if you're not working smarter then you're probably being left far behind.

The Internet Network Marketing

The internet is fast becoming the secret weapon for MLMers. What started out as a good idea not long ago has spawned into one of the biggest revolutions the industry has seen. But fears that there will be a bottleneck of network marketers vying for prospects online is not a factor.

In the days of old school MLM when fears that a market would become fished out are starting to surface with the new breed of networker. But the truth is, there are literally thousands and thousands of new people coming online everyday and many of them are looking for a home business opportunity.

And this is where the alert internet network marketer can take advantage of the work smarter rule. It's great to be dedicated but dedication can often be confused with progress and while you may be putting effort into your business, unless you're seeing growth and a new influx of leads coming into your business funnel on a consistent basis then you're efforts will be wasted.

The key to beginning to work smarter starts with prospecting. If you're approaching every one you know and people you half know about a business opportunity then you're not working smart. If you're buying leads and spending hours and hours on the phone copping rejection after rejection then you're not working smart.

However, if you're placing your marketing and promotions in front of a hungry and targeted network marketing business crowd then you're working smart. Here's and example of what we're talking about...if you're fishing freshwater bass then you wouldn't be dropping a line in the ocean trying to catch one. But if you're fishing for freshwater bass and you drop your bait and line in a freshwater lake where they hang out then what are the chances you'll attract attention and have them chasing your bait.

Pretty good and that's the same thinking behind putting your offer in front of a targeted hungry crowd who are actually looking for a network marketing business. This is exactly where you have an advantage of prospecting online. There are millions of people looking for a home business so target your marketing in that direction.

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