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The 10 Qualities Needed To Succeed In Internet Network Marketing

Sep 1, 2008
A lot has been written about the 7 great lies of network marketing and while it's easy to focus on the negatives of the industry the truth is, it's still the best vehicle for someone trying to improve their current lot in life but it requires a special breed of person.

Don't get me wrong though, being special is nothing...well, special. Anyone has the ability to overcome their current situation and rise above the crowd. So what does it take to become a special network marketer. In this article, I will list at least 10 qualities you need to observe if you want to learn how to succeed in network marketing.

Qualities Of A Special Internet Network Marketer

1. The special internet network marketer understands the concept of cause and effect. Whatever positive action they take today will resonate later down the track.

2. They don't rest on their laurels. That is, they know if they don't work their business then no one else will despite claims that an upline can build your business for you.

3. The special inter-network marketer doesn't hang around for instructions from their upline. They act without being told to act and "shoot first and ask questions later."

4, They welcome failure. Failure to an MLMer on a mission towards their end goal is just another sign that they're on the right track.

5. The special internet MLMer surrounds themselves with those who have already blazed the path to success before them. In other words, they are constantly on the lookout for ways and ideas to stretch their own boundaries.

6. They both love and hate the idea of climbing out of their comfort zones. The feeling of discomfort they feel when they push themselves into unknown territory is tempered by the fact that they know the current action will have extremely positive consequences for their business later on.

7. The special internet-networker takes each day on it's merits and there is no such thing as having a bad day. Why? Because they invariably shape their own days. Better still, it's a chance for them to doing just a little bit better than the previous day which brings great satisfaction at the end of it. In other words, they continually challenge themselves.

8. They know that success doesn't come when the end goal is reached. Success is actually on a daily basis and they know it's the journey to the top of the mountain that is the success.

9. They let their results do the talking so any negative feedback, rejection or obstacles thrown in their way are met head on and left behind.

10. Finally, the special internet networker knows how to work smart by using the power of the internet to target their prospects twenty four hours a day, seven days a week instead of trying to twist the arm of an unsuspecting relative or friend to join their business.
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