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At Home Businesses - How To Prevent Home Business Failure

Sep 1, 2008
The home business failure rate should be enough of a deterrent to scare people away from taking up the challenge of trying to earn an income from the safe confines within their own four walls yet, the attrition rate has no effect on the number of people seeking work from home businesses.

People are literally attracted to home businesses in their thousands each day and if the failure rate is no deterrent then why do they still want to try working from home? It's the idea of setting their own hours, working when they want to and not being supervised by a boss. And within those three reasons is the cause of most home business failure.

What Causes Home Businesses To Fail?

Here's the secret to succeeding in work at home businesses. Treat it like a job. But isn't that the reason why someone gets into it in the first place...to get away from the restrictions of a J.O.B.?

Yes, but that doesn't mean you can relax. There is the underlying problem. People go into self employment opportunities with the right intentions but lack the mental staying power to make it work. You need to treat it like a job. Here's what we mean.

In a job, you're tied to a set number of hours. For most it's 9-5 and they are required to output a certain amount of work each day and their reward is a paycheck. Think about this, what's the difference between that concept and being self employed. There really is no difference. If you don't put the work in then you won't get the reward.

But the benefit with at home businesses is your reward is determined by just how much sweat equity you put into it and that's one of the secrets behind the big income earners. They treat their businesses as a job especially in the building stage and their actions get rewarded in large numbers in time.

Here are some steps to beating paralysis analysis working from home and how you can get productivity levels moving in the right direction:

1. Set yourself a specific work window each day. This can be 9-5, 8-5, 8-12noon...it doesn't matter, as long as you have a designated number of hours where you will fully commit to your business each day.

2. Get rid of all distractions. This can be achieved by setting a designated work area, turning off the television, avoid checking emails and taking the phone off the hook when you're not using it.

3. Set short term goals during the day. Reward yourself in some minor way each time a task is completed.

4. Start with the most difficult and pending tasks first. This is a great way to increase your work productivity because you'll be tackling them when you're fresh and you'll gain satisfaction when they're finished making the remaining tasks look mere formalities.

5. Appoint yourself a mentor who will act as your supervisor. You will report to this person on a daily basis, twice a day for the first month and then once a day for a period of at least six months. Make sure this person is someone you both respect and fear but most of all, hate to let down.
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