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How To Get Prospects To Join Your At Home Business Downline In Droves

Sep 1, 2008
Getting an edge in your at home business means providing your prospects with plenty of value once they enter your business funnel. This is a concept still a little foreign to the majority of network marketers yet done right, you will never have to worry about people joining your business again.

In this article, we will highlight how you can provide value to your prospects and propel your at home business to new levels. But before we do, you need to be clear that there are two major processes in getting someone from just a lead to business partner.

The Network Marketing Lead Generation Process

The downside for many MLMers is they seem to think the job is done once they get leads into their funnel. The fact they have people interested enough to take a look at their opportunity is great and after all, leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business.

But the truth is, the job is only partially done. Once they're there do you think they are simply going to take the next step and jump into your downline. No way. This is what separates the good networkers from the "wannabes." Attracting prospects is simply part one of the equation. Part two is the crucial step. Guiding them from interested to ready to join.

How To Guide MLM Prospects Into Your Downline

Now begins the important presell process. This is where the "rubber meets the road." Here are several techniques you can use to give your new prospect value and to get them to trust you enough as the person that's the right fit for their future business building plans.

1. Produce a written report and send it to your list. This report only needs to be between 5-10 pages. What can you write about? Here are some suggestions:

- write a report on your prospecting process and how you attract people into your business funnel
- how to maintain focus in a at home business and simply write about how you do it
- write a list of free resources your list can utilize

2. Offer to speak to your prospects on a one-on-one basis but make it sound like there is a touch of urgency about it. Limit it to a certain number for a limited time and watch the response rate.

3. Offer email support. Give them a different email to your main address and let them know this is where they can ask you questions about anything related to building and running an at home business. Let them know you are pretty busy though and not to abuse this privilege.

4. Offer a free course. This could be based around your internet network marketing process and deliver it to them over several weeks.

5. Produce video and audio training. This doesn't need to be a "War And Peace" production but something people can utilize. For example, producing a video on how to sign up and create a Squidoo lens for example or how to link a keyword within an article using html or how to submit an article to the major directories such as Ezine Articles.
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