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Advanced Pitfalls For Seasoned Network Marketers

Sep 1, 2008
As a network marketer, do you think that you may have encountered some pitfalls that have affected your business? It's possible.

For a new distributor, things need to be kept simple. As a network marketer, you may have been in the business a long time and are quite familiar with the "ins and outs". A "newbie" will have to have the details of the business simplified otherwise they just may be overloaded and think too much. The old saying is that too much analysis will paralyze the mind. A downline is half of you in knowledge and wants to duplicate you in every aspect of the business.

Turning ducks into eagles is like getting the duck to soar and the eagle to quack. A "soaring" duck will fall to the ground and will quack louder. Unfortunately not all downlines are like eagles. Attempting to turn a downline duck into a downline eagle produces increased duck quaking which in turn produces more quacking ducks, spreading negativity throughout the company. A successful seasoned network marketer is looking for eagles who are willing to soar with the company. With sharp eyes, a downline is able to swoop down and successfully "nail" another downline with equal vision for a successful venture.

If a downline is willing to accept token income and is not willing to set his monetary goals higher, than their contributed effort will only be half hearted. Enough momentum is not achieved and tangible income is not realized. Either, it's all the way or not at all. A good illustration is about a plane ready to take off. It needs enough momentum to take off, perhaps 150 miles per hour. If that speed is not exceeded the plane will not take off, even at 149 miles per hour.

Begging is such an unattractive quality. You wine and dine a perspective downline, telling him all about the opportunities he/she will enjoy if he/she were to join your team. You "lay the cards on the table", making sure they are informed as to what is expected of them. Two hours are spent and at the end, nothing. You are out an employee as well as out money.

Become a physician and avoid advanced pitfalls for yourself. Expose a downline's "sickness" and then prescribe "medicine" to generate interest and help them understand their personal needs and what it is they need to do in order to contribute and become a "healthy" network marketer.
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