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3 Types Of People To Avoid At All Costs In Network Marketing

Sep 1, 2008
Your business success depends on the right people you are willing to recruit. A supportive team, one that is open to suggestions and will be there to incorporate updates into their successful network marketing, are just the ones to make your business a successful venture. A discussion on these three types of people follows.

The Talker...These people definitely are crowd pleasers. They simply love to talk. Unfortunately they are also capable of giving all kinds of excuses as to why something wasn't done or the perceived results were not turned in. Their sincerity has ingratiated them into the team. One really good way to use their skill is to have them invite all of their family and friends to home parties or rallies. After all being the center of attention, who could refuse their "gift of gab." These individuals are doing what they do best and that is to talk. You, on the other hand, are building a friendship with their invitees and that is good for business.

Mr. or Ms. Know-it-all and Heard-it-before...These people attend all trainings, take copious notes but fail to bring results. Attempting to educate a "know it all" is very hard and motivating them to success equally so. Open minds are not a part of their makeup as they have already heard it all and are not willing to even listen to what you may have to say. With arms folded, their stubborn stance allows them little moving room since nothing new can be taught them. The speaker can even be criticized secretly even though he/she is attempting to update and reinforce skills. These types of people would probably see little monetary gains due to their personal vast knowledge of successful network marketing and their stubborn refusal to learn anything new about this industry.

If a person is attempting to sell you their products, he/she may not be willing to listen to what you have to say. Unfortunately, the negotiator will only join your network if the "price is right." Then dealings may be negotiated with your network and your people cross over to the "dark side." As a spy, the negotiator may become deeply entrenched in your network making it too late to have them removed. The more established network marketers may take weeks to join your company. Joining with "weaker" net workers may provide connections with their leaders which in turn will allow you to connect through them due to their affiliation with their leaders.
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