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How To Generate A Return Customer

Sep 1, 2008
The number one priority for all home businesses is to generate customers. You may develop the best techniques for creating website guests, but a visitor is not a buyer. Making money online evolves when you convince potential clients to buy your internet products but, that is only the beginning. You want customers to return. There are three effective methods that can convert internet visitors into paying customers who will become loyal buyers.

1) Create A Buyer By Offering Your Visitor A Free Product

One of the most effective methods for converting a visitor to your online store into a paying customer is to give the potential buyer a free product. When the guest arrives at your internet business, make sure that the word "free" greets them. Don't bury the offer at the bottom of your website. Make sure that the invitation is in the first fold of your home page.

There is nothing more enticing for potential buyers than the word "free". Offer a no cost E-book with their order or give a free sample of another item when an online visitor makes a purchase. If you sell a tangible product, give the possible customer a "buy one get one free" option or offer a no cost item with their order. Do you have a product that is not selling very well? Tell potential buyers you will include this item with their purchase or offer this product with a specific dollar amount sale. Free shipping is another enticement that can turn a visitor into a buyer.

2) Start A Relationship By Following-Up On Your New Customer

Once your visitor has become a buyer, don't ignore them. After they have made their purchase, send an E-mail indicating your gratitude. You need to overcome the impersonal nature of internet selling and make the transaction personal. If you sell a tangible product, E-mail the customer a thank you before and after their product has shipped.

You begin to develop a relationship with your buyer through this process. In addition, you can introduce a complementary product through the correspondence. You can also offer a discount on the next order if they will join your mailing list. You have the opportunity to create a relationship with the new customer that can develop into future sales. Give the new client an incentive to tell their friends and family by offering another free product or a generous discount. Remember, you are sowing the seeds for the future.

3) Develop Credibility By Staying In Contact With Your Buyer

Work from home businesses that sell products on the internet face stiff competition. If you do not want a customer to become a loyal buyer, your online competition will. Correspond with clients regularly and indicate that you are still thinking about them. If they do not react to any of your promotions or incentives, all is not lost.

A lack of response does not mean a lack of interest. Contact your buyer once every two weeks by E-mail. Tell the customer that you have missed them and would like them to come back for a visit.

Remember the free product that enticed them to buy the first time? Offer the patron a no cost E-book or a free sample of a new item that you are going to introduce. You want to develop a relationship where the customer will become a loyal client. Prove to the buyer that you are genuine and sincere. Convince them that you want their business. They will become a lifelong supporter of your home based enterprise.

Selling on the internet is not easy. It requires hard work and a consistent effort. When success arrives for your home business through paying clients why not develop a relationship with them? Time and energy have been invested to create your most valuable resource, a customer. Now it is time to bring additional success to your work from home enterprise. Remember, your visitor wanted to become your customer. That is why that made their purchase. You have the opportunity to create a loyal buyer.

"If we had no regard for others' feelings or fortune, we would grow cold and indifferent to life itself."
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